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Friday, October 22, 2021

Safety First, Forging Away and Getting The Mail Twice.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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As mentioned in last night’s Blog the first thing I did at work this morning was to remove all the Silicone along the Drip Tray and Tank then weld it solid. Now even with the little bit of leakage from the Check Valve none of it will end up on the floor. As I hauled my tools back to the Compound Paul raised his hand with showing a Thumbs-Up. He probably does that because when I tell him that’s what needs to be done he knows that I’ll do it.

It may have been a late start to my Morning Walk Around but it gave me the chance to lower the water level in the container that was spilling over from the Leaky Water Valve we have to change. It was also noted that another Valve that was Three Feet away was starting the same issue but unlike the first this one was connected to a Hose that could easily be stuck into a Washer Tank instead of spilling on the floor.

I was informed by Forklift Drivers that another Electrical Panel Box was loosing its Face-Plate. There were no signs of impact just the Anchors holding it had let go. After bringing it to the Maintenance Compound I found a way to repair the Anchor. As I was climbing the Stepladder to replace it Kharen the Supervisor waved for me to follow him. He stopped in front of Racks containing Carriers I had never seen before saying that the Clips were bent and needed to be straightened. I told him “Safety First then I’ll look if I can find a problem with your Carriers”. The Panel is now good as new considering it’s older then me. I did check those Carriers and the few Clips that were bent could have still been used but are now straight.

Back at the Compound I spoke to Paul about ordering Safety Hooks for the Four Way Chains that we will use to lift Pumps when needed. His response was for me to simply make them using the Anvil. Since we don’t have a Forge (small oven meant to heat metal to near liquid temperature, 2000 F) I needed to use the Oxy-Acetylene Torch as a heat source. It took longer doing it this way but now we have Hooks that I know will last.

While having my lunch outside at the Picnic Table I spoke to Kathy. She had the chance to go visit our dear friend Vera. Since tomorrow is Vera’s Birthday Kathy had brought a Birthday Cake and Card to have an early celebration. Of course Vera sent some Cake home with Kathy so I could share in the celebration. Kathy also picked up the Mail and my New Coveralls at Guardian Storage before heading home.

I finished the day by getting Tools and Parts ready to get quick start in the morning. I showed Ivan what the game plan was and the fact that I plan on being done before 3:00 tomorrow. I was loading my Toolbox into the Truck when Kathy called me. Guardian Storage had just received a Late Delivery and since I would be going to the Motor City Community Credit Union nearby Kathy asked me to pick it up.

Even with all those errands I was in the Apartment soon after 4:00. Somehow I left my Cell Phone in the Truck so did the Recycling when I went to retrieve it. After a quick wash up I cleaned and sliced Two Small Celery Roots. While they were boiling we shared a St. Hubert’s Chicken with Broccoli Personal Sized Pie.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported easing of the Coronavirus Restrictions starting this coming Monday for the Windsor/Essex Region. There will still be some Restrictions that will remain in place but the Government thinks they will be totally gone by the end of March.

The Weather Network showed our high temperature today felt like 48 F (9 C) with a forecasted low this weekend just above the Freezing Mark.

The Celery Root was tasty and healthy as usual plus there’s enough Leftovers that I can have it as a snack at work.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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