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Friday, October 15, 2021

The Hatch Is Latched and MIG Replaced.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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There was a lite Rain falling when I headed to work this morning and it stayed that way until after the start of the shift. The first thing I did was to start hauling Tools up to the Mezzanine where I intended to install the Roof Hatch Latch in order to eliminate another source of Unguarded Entry into the Plant. It was a little trickier then expected as there was no way of setting up a Step Ladder so the entire job had to be done while standing on the Vertical Access Ladder.

Once the Anchor Plate had been installed to the Framing the next step was to weld the Latches to the Lid itself which meant Overhead Welding was involved. There came a point where to reach the back of the Latch Plates opening the Lid itself was necessary even though it was still Raining. That took about Five Minutes to accomplish but the job was complete. After hauling the Tools back to the Maintenance Compound I had to roll down my Coveralls in an attempt to dry off.

Kharen never said a word to me the entire day but kept giving me a cold stare. Paul was happy with the increased security so much he had me moving Furniture around so I wasn’t available to senseless whims. More cold stares from Kharen. Around 10:00 Paul the Owner told me to get my Parts List and to come with him.

Our first stop was Praxair the only remaining welding supply company left in the Windsor area. Being an industrialized city there used to be Four such distributors. We picked up the New Portable MIG Welder along with a few other welding supplies. Paul wanted me to order what we needed and watched me as I carefully did not overstep the privilege. As we left for our next destination we discussed a secure room to store this machine away from the Compound.

From there we headed to Windsor Factory Supply arriving at noon. With lots of their personal going on lunch the best we could do was guide the clerk through our Parts List and correcting them when they didn’t understand what was described in plain English. We only left with a few items that will get us through the weekend but the rest will be delivered next week.

We arrived back at the Plant by 12:30. I had the New MIG Welder operational before going to lunch at 1:00.

Surprisingly the Rain had just stopped so I sat outside at the Picnic Table and was able to talk with Kathy with less background noise.

You can see the wet pavement.

I managed a few small jobs until it was time to close up. The New MIG Welding Machine was stored in the proposed lock up away from the Compound. Luckily I brought my Raincoat because it was coming down quite hard and I had to load my Tools in the Truck. It finally slowed down as I was leaving the Motor City Community Credit Union before heading home.

We had Salmon Fillets, Mashed Sweet Potatoes and a Caesars Salad for supper topped off with a Rosette Carbonated Juice (Fake Wine).

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 43 New Coronavirus Cases in the Windsor/Essex Region bringing the total Active Cases to 261.

The Weather Network showed our high temperature today felt like 57 F (14 C) mostly due to all the Rain we experienced with more to come tomorrow.

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It’s about time.


What did the wall say to the ceiling?

Meet you at the corner.”


  1. Do you think it might be Karen stealing the tools at night?

  2. Hi Rick (and Kathy too!) - without divulging the name of your company, what do they do? What are the "carriers"?

  3. I've been gone awhile but I must say I'm surprised you still work there.... as for the Kharen comments... wouldn't surprise me!