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Monday, October 4, 2021

This Was Different and Crisis At Home.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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As many of our readers have noticed there seems to be a change of attitude as the way Paul the Owner is treating me at work lately. As per usual every morning when I arrive at the Plant after bringing my belongings in I retrieve the Key to the Maintenance Compound from the Office. That’s when I have the chance to speak briefly with Paul but this morning was different. He wasn’t interested in talking about the work I had done or was planning to do. Paul started talking about life and his in particular. I now know why he is sometimes bitter. I know he has Two grown daughters and I know that when the market crashed in 2008 he nearly lost everything. He did lose Five Businesses valued at over Five Million each all to Back Taxes. The reason he didn’t lose this business was a Faithful Employee loaned him the money for the Taxes. Even though he has long paid back the Loan with Interest he holds that Employee as a True Friend. I even know his Birthday and he is not as old as he lets people believe.

We almost missed the 7:00 start up on the Paint-Line. While Paul did a head count and directed what products to run, I punched in, got set up and started my Morning Inspection. Everything we modified on Saturday was working as planned.

Back at the Compound as soon as I returned Paul was there to see me. Since I mentioned having worked with the last Blacksmith at the Ford Motor Companies Windsor location in the first Six Months of my Apprenticeship it triggered fond memories in Paul. As a child he remembered the Village Blacksmith being the most popular person around because he fixed everything. Last week Paul kept hearing me straightening some of the Hangers on the end of the Workbench and sometimes it got pretty loud. On the Weekend he purchased a Hundred and Fifty Pound Anvil with its Wooden Block Stand that helps absorb the sound. After pairing them together I found a few Carriers that needed some TLC. Using the Anvil made the job easier and was quieter then using the Workbench.

The rest of the day involved cleaning a flood because someone opened the wrong valve on the Water Tank then making the Parts List we’ll need to complete the Compressor/Air Dryer project. I also was scrounging around finding materials for a Drip Tray Catchment and to add more Pipes to the Manifold Expansion we did on Saturday. I only spoke to Kharen the Supervisor when he was looking for some Washers for Bolts he was using.

Notice I didn’t talk to Kathy on my lunch break. That was because she had a Dental Appointment in Amherstburg at that time. Then she went to our Pharmacy to pick up our Prescription Refills.

When I walked in the Apartment and saw such a small bag I knew there was a problem. Last Thursday Kathy spoke to our Family Doctor on the phone and he Okayed the list of Medications but the drug store never received the FAX. I called the Doctor’s Office to explain the problem and was told they would resend the FAX immediately. This is not the first time this problem has occurred so when I called the drug store just before 6:00 and they still had not received it I wasn’t surprised. The Pharmacy will call the Doctor’s Office in the morning and then deliver the Medications to our door.

For supper it was Pie Night. We had a Chicken Pot Pie for our meal and a piece of Strawberry/Rhubarb Pie with Cool Whip for dessert. They were both delicious but filling.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 28 New Coronavirus Cases of which 6 were Unvaccinated in the Windsor/Essex Region bringing the Active Cases to 278.

The Weather Network showed our Humidex felt like 82 F (28 C) this afternoon even though they forecasted Showers.

I’ll keep myself busy tomorrow but am wondering what it will be like since it will be Tuesday.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Paul sharing a little of his life is a sign that he values you. Now I understand why he buys everything used.

    This is the first time I have ever heard of an employee doing something so nice for his boss and glad he considers him a true friend because that is exactly what he is.

  2. You turned the situation around. Good going.