It's about time.

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Saturday, September 24, 2022

Running Around and All Scrubbed.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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It seems that my body senses when it is not being stirred into wakefulness by the Alarm that it is a day of rest and it has no problem doing just that. Even though it was nearly midnight when I got to bed last night I still clocked in over Eight Hours of sleep. The fact that the Sun was not trying to rouse me by peering past the bedroom Blinds also helped.

We simply had a lite snack in place of breakfast and the only Computer time that early was checking The Weather Network and the Radar to see if and when the Rain that was falling would end. By the time we walked out the door it was down to a Drizzle.

Kathy insisted on coming along so I insisted on taking both vehicles. The game plan was to clean the Roof and other exterior panels on the Trailer. If Kathy would need to run an errand or needed to go home I could continue working on the Roof.

We arrived at Guardian Storage shortly after 10:00 and the first place we went to was the Storage Unit to pick up a few things including the Roof Sealant. With my Hernia starting to make it difficult to high step we picked up our Step Ladder and since cleaning involved lots of water we also gathered our Drinking Water Containers we used when Boondocking in the desert.

With no water faucet around to fill our Containers we took a short drive to our daughter Karen’s in Tecumseh. We haven’t had the chance to visit much lately so that helped us all to catch up while I filled the Containers in the back of the Car.

With the Drizzle easing a little more and our morning snacks having worn off we stopped at Burger King for an early lunch.

It was exactly noon when I looked at my watch after getting on the Trailer. Using a Two Bucket system I was dipping my handled scrub brush in the soapy water then using the other to rinse off the dirt. It’s been nearly Three Years since I last cleaned that Roof and even though the Trailer has been stationary it was amazing how dirty it had gotten. The Roof went from Grey to White again. Kathy had to move around a little to avoid taking dirty water showers every time I rinsed the area I had just scrubbed.

It was nearly 4:00 when we headed over to TD Bank. After the call I made the other night it was a reasonable thing to do.

We really did not have that big of a lunch so we decided to go to Michigan Diner to have Fish and Chips for supper. We were early enough to beat the rush but by the time we left the place was packed.

We thought of stopping at Staples after but did not realize that since the Coronavirus hit their store hours have changed and they were about to close when we arrived.

Kathy was so tired when we got back to the building she was having trouble parking the Car. It wasn’t long after we were inside the Apartment she found comfort in a warm shower.

With Rain forecasted for most of tomorrow the Trailer Roof will be well rinsed for me to start sealing it next week.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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