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Tuesday, September 27, 2022

Good Morning, Frustrating Afternoon and Lots Of Traffic.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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By starting work an Hour early helps me to accomplish Touch-Ups and Repairs that the Machinists are waiting to work on. By 7:00 I had already done Three Repairs plus I reloaded the Feedscrew that I had started building the Flights on yesterday. Just as I was about to sign off Mile requested I add another Hundred Thousands of material to it. That added an additional Two Hours on the time as well but it was a Good Morning.

I actually had the chance to call Kathy on my lunch break. She was waiting for Mary from Healthy Heals to arrive and since the Downstairs Intercom would call her phone we didn’t talk long.

I was about to do another quick repair when Mile thought it better that I weld the Spline Section on a smaller Feedscrew. This one has been done before but somehow the Material I added was not what the Label on the bottle said it was and could not be machined. So they ground it all off and wanted me to weld that section again.

I’ve mentioned how the Plasma Transfer Arc Welder has Anode Switches and Dials along with a Computerized Touch Screen. For some strange reason it works fine when doing the Flights which is actually harder then welding Bearing Surfaces, Shanks or Splines but when it is set to do any of those it decides to change the direction of its travel with no warning. This afternoon was no different.

Something that should have taken Two Hours tops was less then half completed when I packed it in for the day. When the Powder started spraying everywhere but its intended location I knew it was better that I not take out my frustrations on the Machine. It was 4:32 when I punched out.

I drove the Truck through Rush-Hour Traffic to meet Kathy downstairs in the Car for 5:00. Then we drove back across town taking the Expressway. The Traffic going the opposite way was crawling along. We arrived with a Minute to spare for our 5:30 appointment. Kathy was glad that she wasn’t driving.

Our appointment was with Julia at Fantastic Sam’s to get our hair cut. It was a way of getting rid of our stress while making ourselves more presentable.

It was past 6:00 when we left so we went to Harvey’s where we used Coupons for our supper. We were both overly hungry so the little we did eat helped us to feel better.

Our Showers felt wonderful but we have some prep work to do tonight because the Contractors will be shutting the Water off in the building for a few Hours tomorrow.

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It’s about time.


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  1. Well, at least you ended the day all spiffy and well fed. Or semi-well fed. Maybe you found a dessert around the house....