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Wednesday, December 1, 2021

Keeping Winter Out, I Did It Politely and Steaming Hot Water.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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As I mentioned in yesterday’s post you really don’t know what you will be working on from one day to the next even if you think you do. After completing my Morning Walk Around then repairing a couple of Carriers in the Maintenance Compound I was returning them to the Paint-Line when Paul stopped me. He pointed out a dripping Valve that I had already marked with Soapstone as a problem. Then he pointed to the Leaky Water Cooler that I’ve been trying to repair but keep getting pulled from the job. Finally he said “Stop the leak. Pinch off the line if you have to”.

Looking for a better alternative I checked the Gizmo Drawer that has been around longer then I have. Within seconds my eyes rested on a Quick Fix Push Together Fitting. There is no Soldering all you do is cut the Line where it went in and out of the Cooler and push them into the Fitting. It is permanent, does not leak and the only way to remove it is to cut it off making it scrap. The Drinking Water was shut off less than Two Minutes while I made the adjustment and removed the Water Cooler.

Yesterday someone suggested using Hot Water to free up the Plastic Valves that I salvaged in the Warehouse. Since it was close to the end of the shift I brought one home and used the Pail I cleaned my Coveralls in. Leaving it sit until bedtime the Valve was just as solid as before. This morning I took the Valve apart finding the seals jammed with Paint residue. Using a small parts bin filled with Hot Water I left it to soak. When I returned from a quick fix on the Line I was able to scrape the residue from inside the Valve Body. That was all it took to free up the Valve.

Since there is no way to get the Ducts we need to exhaust the Compressor outside before the Holidays we needed to cover the Outside Vent to keep the heat in the building and to prevent the Pipes from freezing. Using a leftover piece of Aluminium Me, Myself and I soon had the great outdoors staying there and securing some of the building’s heat. There’s a lot more to do such as reinstalling Insulation over the old factory Windows that the Squirrels have taken away to pad their nests. (Smart Squirrels)

When I got back to the Compound a box containing some of the pieces I ordered was on the Workbench. I always check that they send the correct items. Like in the past I’ve ordered Bolts of a certain length only to have shorter Bolts thrown into the mix. When I had told Paul about the problem he simply said to just order more.

I spoke to Kathy while on my lunch and found out she had picked up our Amazon Packages at Guardian Storage which is our Legal Mailing Address. It also gives her a reason for getting out of the Apartment.
As soon as I hung up from Kathy I called Windsor Factory Supply. I asked Milan if he packed the order himself or did someone else do it. I then explained about the Bolts that would never be used and how many I had accumulated. Milan will ship the entire number of correct sized Bolts in the morning and I will return the ones that I can’t use the next time I have to go their outlet personally.

When I saw Paul I mentioned sealing off the Vent from the Winter air. I mentioned about finding a way to salvage the Valves considering they are over a Hundred Dollars a piece. Then I mentioned about complaining to our contact at Windsor Factory Supply about the Bolts. Paul said “Milan’s a nice person”. My response was “I did it politely”. He was fine with that.

After checking the assembly of parts for the Reverse Osmosis repair I scavenged more Plastic Valves. Back at the Compound I opened them up and set them to soak in a Bin of Steaming Hot Water. They should clean up nicely in the morning.

For supper we shared everything. We shared a Caesars Salad along with a Beefsteak Tomato and a Personal Sized Beef Tourtiere. It was all very satisfying though we did have a Ginger Muffin for dessert.

We turned on the 6 o’clock Local News a little late so we missed the report of New Coronavirus Cases and the Active Cases for the Windsor/Essex Region though they were talking of rising numbers everywhere around us.

The Weather Network showed we had a high temperature today of 39 F (4 C) feeling like 36 F (2 C). Even though we could see some overnight Flurries tomorrow should be a comfortable day.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. It's such a pleasure to read your blog - problems presented each day, and problems usually solved, if not that day, than the next...My job was as a psycholgist, and the results were variable; sometimes soon, sometimes later, sometimes not at all. I remember thinking I should have been a brick layer.