It's about time.

Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Saturday, December 4, 2021

Doing Other Things and Looking Forward.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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I was feeling quite refreshed this morning after sleeping an Hour later which also meant starting later. This takes place every Saturday and seems to work for some of the workers but it still bothers me. That means that in order to finish some jobs that we start on later we also have to work later in the day to wrap them up which takes away from my personal time with Kathy.

Paul had gone out for breakfast this morning and returned early enough that I only sat in the Truck for Five Minutes before he opened the door. His disposition seems to have improved now that the Charges against him have been dropped and he sees that I am improving the condition of the equipment. When I spoke to him of my plans for the day he was all smiles and said “You’ve got this”.

We were supposed to start on the Reverse Osmosis System this morning but when we checked the Water Tank was completely Full. The R O Water was needed for the Paint Tank, the Alkaline Tank and Two of the Washer Tanks. The R O Water Tank would be empty by 1:30.

Having other jobs lined up as maintenance while Ivan moved racks of Carriers into the Oven to burn the Paint off of them I gathered Tools that I thought we’d need upstairs. Since the Cleaning Crew were working where I wanted to service the Pumps we headed to the Mezzanine to work on the Heat Chambers. Each Chamber has Three Electric Motors that needed servicing. Seeing these Motors every time I do a Morning Inspection I assigned Ivan the smaller One Horsepower Combustion Burner Motor to clean. The build up under the Fan Cover was a coating about an Eighth of an Inch thick. I tackled the large Forty Horsepower Blower Motor that moves the Hot Air down to the Dryers where the parts go through. When the Fan Cover was removed the build up of debris filled the entire void that the Fan did not fill. Some spots were over an Inch Thick.

We stopped for our first break at 10:30. Looking down at my Coveralls that were practically clean earlier they now looked like I was rolling in the Dirt. We learned that there was a delay in using up the Reverse Osmosis Water and the Tank that we would be working on was still Half Full.

Back upstairs we examined the Third Motor which exhausted the Gas Fumes to the atmosphere. There was no way to remove the Fan Cover because of the setup. There was less then a Quarter Inch between the Fan Cover and a Blower Housing. The Motor will have to be removed from its mount in order to service it which could take Hours to do. We’ll schedule it for next weekend and hope nothing more pressing gets in the way.

We moved over to the Second Heat Chamber. Ivan first had to switch the Carriers in the Burn-Off Oven before starting on the Combustion Burner Motor that turned out cleaner then the first unit was. I went straight to work on the Blower Motor only to find it in worse shape then the first unit. There was also an issue getting the Fan Cover off due to the design and location of the Lubrication Tube. Ivan ended up cleaning the Blower Motor Fan Cover while I worked at cleaning the built up residue from the Cooling Fins. We also face the same problem with the Exhaust Blower being so close to the Blower Housing. It was past 3:00 when we headed downstairs to learn they had just emptied the R O Water Tank.

Getting different Tools we headed to the Reverse Osmosis System. We could then remove the existing Piping that was no longer doing the job. I was about to put the wrench in place to loosen the Fitting when it turned in my hand. Ivan stood amazed that I finished removing the Pipes with only my hands. (I wonder why they had so many Leaks?) Back in the Maintenance Compound as we made final adjustments to the Manifold Paul stopped in to see how things were going. When Ivan told him about the Pipes being loose he could only shake his head in disbelief. The new Manifold has Two Valves so that either of the Two Pumps can be taken Off-Line while still running the other and it won’t Leak.

Letting Paul know the job was completed he asked about more information about the Fan Motors. When I suggested getting a few Tools to make that job easier he said to pick it up and bring him the receipts. We then discussed a few other projects that will be dealt with as well as giving me more authority on Maintenance while he redirects the attention of a certain Supervisor.

I picked up a couple of Arby’s Bacon/Beef Cheddar Sandwiches on my way home. I walked in just as the Local News was finishing.

The Weather Network showed we had a high temperature today of 45 F (7 C) feeling like 37 F (3 C) but I was still working so didn’t get a chance to enjoy it.

Before sitting at the Computer I ran down to the Laundry Room with the Two Pair of Coveralls that I wore this week. Wearing them for only Three Days the dirt doesn’t seem to get embedded so much. Then running them through the Washers Twice also gets all the dirt out of the material. I got my shower while they were in the Dryers.

We are both looking forward to my day off tomorrow.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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