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Friday, December 3, 2021

Double Checking and Making It Work.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Standing outside in the cold with Four other employees I finally walked around to the front of the Plant and knocked hard on the Office window. I’ve written before that Paul the Owner actually lives in the Office. Well it seems this morning that he slept in. By the time I rejoined the now growing number of employees Paul suddenly opened the Employees Door only wearing a Robe and Sandals. Everyone cheered him on.

The Morning Walk Around revealed the Alkaline Tank was empty. When I asked Avry what was happening I learned that the Reverse Osmosis System had gone done before the end of the shift last night. Paul, Kharen and Avry had worked late into the evening trying to find the cause of the problem. There was an Electrical Contractor on his way this morning to help diagnose the issue and get the System running again.

With everything else checking out I went to check on the Leaky Valve on the Reverse Osmosis System only to find the Water Tank totally empty. If I had been told at the start of the shift I could have replaced the Manifold then which would have given me time to do something else on Saturday.

Whenever I do repairs I like to double check that they are holding up. The floor by where the Water Coolers sat was totally dry something I haven’t seen since I started back in May. Checking with Tom in Shipping and Receiving how the Roll-Up Door was working. He claimed it hadn’t worked that well in years. Apparently it’s been that long since the Track was hit not just recently. Then I saw him jamming a piece of wood to stop the Number 1 Roll-Up Door from opening. The Latching Device had strange twist to it. A Half Hour later it looked and worked like new again.

Back at the Compound I managed to repair Three Carriers this morning all different set ups. Since I had hoped to replace the Balancing Tube this weekend I needed to finish modifying the Steel Flanges I need to use. I needed to weld Jam Nuts to the Flanges since the Flanges themselves were not Threaded. Not being able to find any Jam Nuts the only thing I could do was to make my own. That required using the Cut-Off Saw to shave one edge off a Regular Nut, clean it on the Pedestal Grinder and run a Tap through it to fix the Thread one Nut at a time. I needed Sixteen Jam Nuts but ended up making more because I dropped a couple that just disappeared. The Nuts were all welded to the Flanges before the end of the shift but I doubt that they will be installed tomorrow.

After a quick stop at the Motor City Community Credit Union I was home minutes after 4:00. Kathy and I were talking when Joel the Building Handyman came to the Door. He was going around with papers that needed to be signed in order to freeze our Rent from rising for another Year. We also discussed hearing a disturbance in the Apartment below our’s last night. Apparently the person was in Medical Distress that required the Police to take him to the Hospital. He spent the night before being released this morning.

For supper we shared a Garden Salad along with Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls over a bed of Vegetable Rice. For dessert we enjoyed a nice slice of Fruit Cake.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they report of 63 New Coronavirus Cases bringing the Active Cases to 577 for the Windsor/Essex Region. There is still concern about the possibility of more restrictions due to the Omicron Variant already infecting people in the province of Ontario.

The Weather Network showed we had a high temperature today of 37 F (3 C) feeling like 41 F (5 C).

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It’s about time.


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