It's about time.

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Monday, December 6, 2021

Keeping It Going.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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I’ve mentioned before that the Plant I’m presently working in is over Ninety Years Old and the present Manufacturing has been there since 1993. If a plant is properly maintained which I heard it was for over Fifteen Years it will run flawlessly. The other day Paul told me that I was slowly bringing it all back to life and for me to ignore what a certain Supervisor would say.

Last week we repaired the Alkaline Tank and it hasn’t lost a drop of water since. We removed the Leaky Water Coolers and the floor is now dry. We repaired the Burners on the Tanks and they run so well they only need to be run at Half Temperature. The Fan Covers that we’ve cleaned out the Motors are now drawing less power.

There is always things that don’t work exactly the way they should. When Paul had us Link the Manifolds in Section 7 & 8 together he didn’t think ahead where all the Water would end up. I came up with the idea of the Balancing Tube which worked so well they opened the Valves on the Pumps to full volume but that meant the Tube could no longer handle the volume. A new larger Balancing Tube is ready to install to fix that problem.

Welds are used for fusing metals together and good Welds themselves will never break. Some people will say that they have seen it but if they look really close what you see is the Weld is still intact but the Metal exactly next to it was what broke. That is true with other things such as Piping. This weekend Ivan and I replaced the Reverse Osmosis Manifold to the Pumps. This morning doing my usual follow up the Pipe connected to the second Pump was dripping but not the Manifold. The parts have been ordered and the best part is that section of Piping can be assembled in the Compound then installed after the Glue sets only having to shut the System down for Five Minutes.

I spent time on the phone with Windsor Factory Supply and Prax-Air Welding Supply making certain we won’t be running out of supplies. I started cleaning more Valves to make room in the shop and to be ready for the next repair job while keeping the costs down.

Kharen brought me over to a Building Column that had Five Electrical Boxes mounted on it. Only the one I repaired Two Months ago was straight while the others were all bent. An Electrician is scheduled to replace them tomorrow and Kharen wants me to build Guarding around the new Boxes so the Forklifts don’t hit them with their loads. With no proper materials to do so Paul told me to tell him what is needed and he’ll order it.

Last week Paul purchased some Sheet Metal that he wants me to cut, paint and install on the outside of the building so that it doesn’t look like the Ghettos. When Kharen learned what the Metal was for he said to just punch a hole into it so he could paint it on the Line. Then he expects someone else to lower the Metal from the roof while I magically lined it up from inside the building and use Ready-Rod to hold it in place. That will definitely look Ghetto. Think I’ll have to talk with Paul so he can deal with this.

Kathy had a good day running a couple of errands but when she returned the Wind Gusts were so strong they nearly blew her over. When I left for work early this morning the temperature was 45 F (7 C). When I came home after work the temperature was 34 F (1 C) with Snow and the Wind was still rattling the Balcony Railing.

For supper while I examined the inside of my eyelids Kathy made us a feast. We had Grilled Pacific Salmon Fillets with Mixed Vegetables and Grilled Potatoes for sides. She topped it off with German Chocolate Cake for dessert and Carbonated Juice (Fake Wine) for our beverage.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they reported 187 New Coronavirus Cases bringing the Active Cases to 518 for the Windsor/Essex Region. With rising numbers from the Omicron Variant there have already been Restrictions put in place for Public Buildings and Family Gatherings.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


This morning my boss told me to have a good day. Who am I to argue? I thanked him and went back home.


  1. I don't know how the employment laws work in Canada so take what I say with a grain of salt. I was a HR Professional for 35+ years. Poor supervisors were always dealt with. First counseling, making expectations clear. If no improvements then start a paper trail. Warnings, warnings, final warning then out the door. I don't believe in suspensions. I believe in just cutting them loose.

  2. 100% concur with Phyllis's observations of proactive counseling, training and goal setting. - suspending supervisors is not practical & usurps their presence upon return. I have seen this process successfully executed many times. Good supervisors & managers are valuable teammates; replacing one is expensive investment & time consuming to replace, train & interrogate into the team.

  3. What a great meal after a long, cold day!!