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Wednesday, December 8, 2021

Getting Shot Again.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Even after changing the Battery in my Travel Alarm I woke up Twenty Minutes past my normal wake up time. Figuring I was well set up last night I didn’t go running around like yesterday. Today I left only Ten Minutes past my usual time but still made it to the Plant long before the start of the shift.

Yesterday Kharen the Supervisor mentioned to me that the Company was expecting a visit from the Safety Board today and that I should try to work at straightening a few of the Fire Hose Brackets that have been bent by Forklifts and their loads. Expecting some major recourse if things were not perfect without doing my Morning Walk Around I started trying to work on one Bracket visible from the Office. Through my career I’ve worked on many different styles of the Fire Hose Holders/Reels but never one that was attached to the Fire Line itself. Even the Line had been twisted at the Elbows. Even with the Four Foot Pipe Wrench there was no budging anything there.

When Paul saw me trying with no improvement he said to just do my normal work. Not wanting to score the highest amount of issues for Safety I did some reorganizing in the Maintenance Compound before heading out to do a follow up on the Leak we fixed on the Reverse Osmosis System. It is unbelievable when Water is visible all around the Pumps and Manifolds yet there is no visible sign of where the Leak still exists.

Craig the delivery man from Prax-Aire Welding Supply came in to get the Cylinder Compound opened. We discussed what I called Small and what his company interpreted that as. According to him they use our Companies Purchasing Records as a way of determining what Large and Small would be. I also learned that some of the Cylinders in the Compound did not belong to Prax-Aire so he would not be exchanging those.

I surprised Kathy by calling at my first break to remind her that I’d be home early. I spent the rest of the morning cleaning and fixing things around the Maintenance Compound. I had a quick talk with Ivan about what we’ll be working on this weekend. I also reminded him that I was leaving early today.

Kathy was happy to see me early as planned and didn’t delay my getting into the Shower. Even though most of the work I did today was in the shop I still seem to be a magnet for dirt.

We were heading out the door by 2:15 leaving us only Twenty-Five Minutes to get to our Appointment. Even at this time of year we had a Construction Detour to deal with before we got to the Expressway. From there things went fairly quick and we were walking in the door exactly on time for the Appointment.

Hard to see the Attached Visor.

This Appointment was to get our Booster Shot or Third Coronavirus Vaccine. Since the original location had closed the Vaccine Clinic had been relocated to the former Sears building at the Devonshire Mall. There were Seniors and Children along with their parents everywhere. Even though everyone entering the building were wearing Masks they were given another that had a Visor attached. Most just placed it over top their Masks they were already wearing. There was a constant flow moving from one spot to another. What we were amazed at was because we both had reactions to Penicillin when we were very young children we had to sit an additional Fifteen Minutes before we were allowed to leave.

Hard to see the Visor attached to the Mask.

Since we were in the area we ran a few errands so we’ll have more time to ourselves on Sunday. The next stop was Princess Auto. The smallest package weighed the most but the largest weighed the least.

It was already 4:30 so we drove across the road to Burger King where we took advantage of their Whopper Wednesday special but having Onion Rings rather then Fries. We felt stuffed.

We stopped at Canadian Tire where I had to get a Screwdriver exchanged. If you buy the Canadian Tire brand Tools and it breaks they will replace it free. This Screwdriver slipped from my Breast Pocket in my Coveralls and when the Blade (Tip) hit the cement it actually chipped the corner off. I use Pry-Bars for prying and Screwdrivers for turning screws. A couple days later the Chrome Plating started peeling. Along with the exchange I also purchased an Identical Screwdriver as a Backup.

We made it home before the 6 o’clock Local News started and were surprised when they reported only 8 New Coronavirus Cases today bringing the Active Cases down to 53 for the Windsor/Essex Region.

The Weather Network showed we had a high temperature today of 30 F (-1 C) feeling like 23 F (-5 C).

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Why did the fugitives escape to Canada?

They had nowhere else Toronto.


  1. You forgot to say cheese 🧀🧀 when you're pictures was taken.
    It looks cold up that way? Looks like we're going to have some cool nights. Stay safe

  2. Congrats on the booster. Dolly and I got ours awhile back. Better safe than sorry.

  3. I could see a bit of the visor on Kathy, but not on you. Glad you got your boosters.