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Tuesday, November 30, 2021

Don’t Count On It and Getting It Fixed.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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If there is one thing I have learned from this job is to not believe you know what you will be working on from one day to the next. Last night when I left for home I believed that making certain the Snowplow would be ready for any upcoming storms was my priority. When I walked in this morning there was a huge Commercial Refrigerator sitting outside the Maintenance Compound. The moment I got close to it Paul appeared smiling ear to ear.

I’ve mentioned that Paul owned a number of Industrial Businesses before but when the Economy fell like a rock in 2008 he almost lost them all. He lost Five of his businesses but a Dedicated Employee loaned Paul the money that kept the Manufacturing Plant going. The reason was to save other employees jobs as well. After recovering from that Paul started purchasing Residential Properties and upgrading many to Multi-Tenant Dwellings for students at the University. They are rented totally furnished with Common Areas such as the Kitchen and Living Room.

Yesterday after I left Paul received a call saying the Fridge at the one building had just stopped working. After checking it out he went to a nearby Second-Hand Shop that carried appliances. All the Fridges were too small and when he said that to the shop owner he brought him to the back room. Here was this Commercial Refrigerator and it was priced the same as the others on the floor. The advantage of this large unit was all the Tenants would have plenty of space for their own food.

This morning when Paul went to open the door to show me inside the front Caster suddenly buckled. Paul had to hold it upright while I got Wooden Blocks to put under it. It looked like someone tried running it on Crushed Stone. My job was now to fix the Frame where the Casters were mounted. I added Flat-Bar and Stitch Welded it in place. Those wheels won’t be twisting off any time soon.

The only thing Kharen said to me all day was “Is it working” and then he left. The Cleaning Lady that scrubs down the Appliances at the Plant and cleans at the Student Homes doesn’t think they’ll get it in the Kitchen.

Besides a few other small tasks I spent the remainder of the shift recovering some Valves from old equipment in the Warehouse.

It felt good to be home. For supper we kept it lite with a Store Bought Medium Thin Crust Vegetarian Pizza.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 82 New Coronavirus Cases bringing the Active Cases to 533 for the Windsor/Essex Region. As I’ve said before the numbers posted here were those given over the air and I have no idea how they come up with them. Another thing that was brought up tonight as part of the broadcast was that with all the different Variants presently circulating that people are still getting sick from the Coronavirus but are not Dying from it when they are Vaccinated.

The Weather Network showed we had a high temperature today of 39 F (4 C) feeling like 30 F (-1 C) since the Wind was exceeding Thirty MPH.

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It’s about time.


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