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Monday, November 29, 2021

More Leaks, Ruined Valves and More Assignments.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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I was getting discouraged that no matter what I did the problem just wasn’t getting resolved so it was nice to see no Leak flooding the floor on the Pump that we installed the Steel Flange on Saturday. After completing my Morning Walk Around the only thing I got were more measurements for upcoming jobs and some Trash that was quickly disposed of.

I was busy repairing a couple of Carriers when Kharin came in. Rather then tell you what the job he wants you to work on he has you follow him like a Dog might follow his owner. (That’s going to end real soon.) There was another Leak to repair on the Reverse Osmosis System but this time it was on another Pump.

I made certain there were replacement parts before going in for the quick fix of just tightening the connections in case the Fittings just snapped. Kharen said to let him know when I needed to shut the System but when I went looking for him he was nowhere to be found. Instead Avry worked the System while I tightened the connection. With the Leak fixed there was added pressure in the System causing it to leak about Three Feet further up the line. Like the job I reworked on Saturday whoever had piped this in had not thought ahead to be able to isolate One Pump from the Other and the Main Valve coming from the Thousand Gallon Tank would not completely close. After speaking with Paul he told me “Fix it right and make it work”.

After talking to Kathy at lunch I was busy calling our contact at Windsor Factory Supply. Last week when I was given the job to make the Vertical Pipes for the Number 5 Station in the Washer they were premature in thinking they would be installed on the weekend. They also miscounted how many Pipes would be needed and came up quite short. After hearing that I counted the Pipes myself on the weekend and made certain to order a few extra pieces so we won’t be short when they are finally installed.

Still trying to deal with the Reverse Osmosis Leak I went scavenging in the Warehouse. Since Paul tends to be overly frugal I believe he likes that I am not scared to recycle used materials. There was an old Paint Manifold that had at least Three Dozen Valves the exact size I was looking for but the first thing I did was try to turn one off. Then another and another and another until I had tried them all. Whoever had shut down that Paint Manifold didn’t bother to purge the system and left it full of Paint. The Paint with time hardened making the entire system garbage.

When I told Paul he could only shake his head in disbelief and told me to order what I needed. He also assigned me the job of getting the Pickup with the Snowplow ready to use tomorrow.

It felt good to be home but while I was talking with Kathy my Cell Phone rang. It was Milan from Windsor Factory Supply telling me about a delay with some of the parts. I think it’s funny but at the same time sensible that Paul is allowing me to order what I need as the Company Maintenance Man because Kharen really doesn’t have a clue. Being a Certified Tradesman has its advantages.

For supper we enjoyed Grilled Chicken and Acorn Squash topped off by a slice of Carrot Cake for dessert.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 82 New Coronavirus Cases of which 12 were Unvaccinated bringing the Active Cases to 498 for the Windsor/Essex Region.

The Weather Network showed we had a high temperature today of 36 F (2 C) feeling like 28 F (-2 C). We could see more moderate temperatures for a few days this week before it gets cold again.

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It’s about time.


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  1. Just curious. If 12 were unvaccinated does that mean 70 of the 82 new cases are from vaccinated people? Wow that’s interesting.