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Wednesday, November 24, 2021

Finished Salter and Driving To Regen.

Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Even though it was cold this morning I was relieved that the windshield didn’t have to be scraped. Trying to park in close to the same spot every night allows me to remotely start the Truck through the Balcony Door in the morning. That gives the Engine about Five Minutes to warm up before I actually get there which makes a big difference in the way it runs.

Paul was in a pleasant mood this morning greeting more of the workers as they manned their stations. Besides doing my usual Morning Walk Around inspection I was also carrying the Grease Gun doing the monthly lubrication on Motors, Pumps, Blowers and Fans.

When I finally returned to the Maintenance Compound I went about completing the Wiring on the ATV Salter. Paul is not a believer in Solderless Connectors and wanted Heat Shrink Covering over the joints. There was also an In-Line Mini Fuse Holder moulded into the wire Four Inches from the Motor. I created a permanent Jumper then sealed the cover and installed another In-Line Fuse Holder Four Inches from the Battery. Now if you blow the Fuse you can change it by lifting the Seat instead of lying in the Slush on the ground. I did use Solderless Connectors at the Switch as well as the Battery as an easy way to change things out if necessary. That added to the time it was taking but Paul was happy with the finished product.

Even though I wore my Hoodie under my Coveralls the short time I was outside talking to Kathy while on my lunch the cold was still noticeable.

Besides working on a few regular Carriers I still kept busy fixing the Carriers that Kharen had latched onto for the month. The sad part of that is the other repairs that I have been doing are put on hold until they can be snuck in.

I was barely halfway home from work when the Truck went into Regen Mode. The last time I ignored the message anyone driving behind me must have thought the Truck was about to blow up when it spewed a large White Cloud of Smoke. Using the Hands-Free I called Kathy to let her know the Truck needed a run and she agreed. Of course a steady slow speed does nothing for it so I had to drive out to the Expressway where I drove from one end to the other and back before the process was complete. While cleaning the Diesel Particulate Filter the Truck burns more fuel so when the Regen was finished I stopped at the Pioneer gas station to top it off.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they reported 64 New Coronavirus Cases in the Windsor/Essex Region.

The Weather Network showed we had a high temperature today of 46 F (8 C) feeling like 39 F (4 C).

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It’s about time.


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