It's about time.

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Tuesday, January 31, 2023

On Hold and Lost Package Found.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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For the second day in a row I woke feeling refreshed simply because I got up early on my day off, so I would sleep soundly on Sunday Night.

Even though it was cold when I went outside this morning it was nowhere near as cold as it had been forecasted. The gauge in the Truck showed it was 7 F (-14 C), but walking into the Plant the temperature was close to 50 F (10 C). Few buildings of that construction have adequate insulation.

First thing this morning Mile suggested I weld the one Feedscrew that was just put in the rack yesterday and save the repairs for afterwards. That meant that I needed to use the Burner to warm up not only the Screw but the inside temperature of the building as well.

It wasn’t a problem setting up since I had done its twin just last week. It was easy enough to bring the program up and simply verify the numbers were correct. Minutes after hitting the “Begin to Weld” button I noticed the Torch was not laying the bead the way it should. Checking the numbers and making adjustments wasn’t helping, so I hit the “Stop Weld” button. Being able to see the weld without being blinded by the Arc I realized that the Orifice on the Torch was plugged. This has happened to the Right Feed Tube a few times but this was a first for the Left Feed Tube. I got lucky when I used a Tip Cleaner to successfully open it up without having to remove the Orifice itself.

I then had to use the Hand Grinder to clean away the weld already put down before again restarting the procedure. It took Ninety Minutes to finish the weld before I again started the Post Heat with the Burners. As I was preparing the Sandbox for the Feedscrew, Vinnie the Engineer came by telling me the job had been put on “Hold”. At least this way my part is completed, and when they figure out what is going on it will be all to the Machinists.

The afternoon was filled with Touch-Ups.

When I spoke to Kathy at lunchtime she told me, she had stayed in to avoid the Frigid Temperatures. She asked me to pick up the Mail on the way home.

Setting Sun reflecting off the Trees and Building.

Stopping at Guardian Storage I was surprised when they said they had a package for us. Kathy had ordered supplies from Amazon. The Tracking showed they had been delivered on Sunday evening and put in the Mail Slot. The Office at Guardian Storage is only open through the week and there is no Mail Slot on their door. With Ice on the sidewalks this morning Yvette went out to the Salt Bin to take care of the hazard. Imagine her surprise when she opened the lid to find our package. Anyone that had seen that delivery could have easily snatched it up.

For supper we had Veggie Wraps using the Leftover Stir-Fry. We also enjoyed a Cherry Turnover for dessert.

According to the 6 o’clock Local News we might see temperatures above Freezing for the weekend.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


How do you find Will Smith in the snow?

You look for the fresh prints.


  1. You have become quite the expert in handling the automatic welding machine, knowing where to look when things don't go right. I've seen funny photos of packages left by delivery drivers in unusual locations!

  2. I'd have to bundle up for a 50 degree building. But I guess if I were moving around it would be OK. And no WIND, so that makes it better. Glad you got up raring to go.