It's about time.

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Monday, September 20, 2021

Looking Down At Kharen and Canadian Election Day.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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On the weekend Paul the Owner had mentioned to Ivan and I that he was looking at buying a used Small Portable MIG Welder to replace the one stolen during the Break-In. I found it strange to see his pickup parked inside the Shipping and Receiving area when I arrived this morning but I soon learned why. There was the MIG he had talked about and Paul was beaming when he talked about it.

After putting it in the Maintenance Compound and getting ready for the day it was time for the Morning Walk Around before returning to repair a few Carriers. As I returned them to the Paint-Line Kharen the Supervisor barked off a question that I simply answered “Ask Paul”.

Needing to know if this MIG that was worth a quarter of the one we lost the first thing I did was to check how much Argon Gas was in the Cylinder. It was amazingly Full. When I turned it on and pulled the trigger it would only add a spot of weld not the bead I wanted. Opening the panel that contained the Welding Wire I saw the answer. The person who had used it had left the spool too loose and the wire had created a mess that resembled what Professional Welders call a Bird’s Nest. I slowly unwound it until I reached undisturbed wire before slowly rewinding it. That little MIG works like a charm and being that it’s not computerized like the other one was a lot less can go wrong with it.

I had looked around for Material to make Panels for the missing Window Panes along the roof. When I went to the Office to tell Paul the Good News about his purchase he was all smiles and thanked me for letting him know. When I mentioned about using pieces of Material that had been along the wall since I started instead of New Material he smiled again and said “Use what you think is best”.

It didn’t take long for me to start using the Shear and cutting the Eleven Panels I would need for the job and when I’m busy I am not subject to unnecessary jobs that are meaningless. As I was cutting the second piece of Material Kharen starts saying I can’t use those pieces. When asked what they were for he didn’t know. So I told him Paul had authorized their use. He was ticked and left in a hurry only to return minutes later saying I didn’t change the Oven Filters. When I described them and said I wrote the Date on their covers he said he’d check. When I did One Filter I did them All.

After salvaging Silicone Sealant Tubes that had been used by Kharen I headed to the Office. Kharen was speaking to Paul wondering why he needed his authorization to purchase things at the Hardware Store. When he left in a huff I told Paul about the Salvaging and that there was Rain heading our way making today a practical time to install the Panels. He said to “Work Safe”. I gave him my Cell Number saying if they needed me on the floor to just call me. He liked that idea. I also mentioned a few things that were in bad need of repair that Kharen was ignoring. We’ll look at them in the morning.

From 11:00 I spent the rest of the shift installing the Panels where there were no Window Panes other then my lunch. I saw Kharen running around the plant floor from up on the roof and I doubt he even looked up. It started sprinkling around 2:00 but I stuck with it until 3:00. With only Two Panels to finish another day.

There was a steady Rain driving home and it felt good getting in the Apartment. I was quick to get on the phone to find out about the order I had placed for Coveralls. The order had not gone through so Kylie took an extra Five Dollars off each pair I ordered. I managed to order another Bicycle Cover from Amazon

We enjoyed a Store Bought Thin Crust Canadian Style Pizza for supper.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 27 New Coronavirus Cases for the Windsor/Essex Region which brought the Active Cases to 366. The rest of the broadcast was about our Canadian Federal Election that is taking place today.

The Weather Network showed our Humidex felt like 86 F (30 C) before the Showers started that brought that number down.

Almost looking forward to going to work tomorrow.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Hi Rick, it appears Paul the owner has realized your worth and experience. I am glad to hear you are almost glad to go to work. If Kahren would only slow down and learn from you he would be far more effective. Good Luck.

  2. Since Paul likes to save money there is an easy way. Can Kahren.

  3. Your job becomes enjoyable when you work "with" your boss instead of "for" you boss. Ditto above comment....Elva Shannon