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Wednesday, September 22, 2021

Just As Wet Inside and A Better Day.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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There was no walking outside this morning without protection from the Rain. Driving down Riverside I managed to create a few Tidal Waves as the Truck encountered a few pools of Standing Water. Once at the Plant you could barely see that the door was open in an effort to keep the Rain on the outside. Making Two Trips I managed to get my belongings in without getting seriously wet.

Inside the evident the water from the Roof was continues to find its way into the building creating large pools across the open space. Paul jokingly commented “Where’s the Indian Summer when you need it?

After finishing my Morning Walk Around Paul requested that I climb on top of the Post Wash Unit in an effort to see where another Leak was coming from. This one was creating a concern because it was pooling quite close to the Electrical Converter that boosts the Current used by the equipment. While he called the Roofing Company that spent part of the summer repairing the Roof I found that the water seemed to be following along the Storm Drain under the Roof itself. I also found a couple more Clean-Outs that we’ll probably be running the Eel through this weekend.

Returning to the Maintenance Compound I went through the Thirty Plus Carriers in the basket that Kharen had demanded. Understanding how metal reacts is very useful when straightening it so you don’t waste moves.

Paul asked for a List of Materials that I felt would be needed to repair the Two Pumps that were leaking. One will simply be a matter of replacing the Gaskets but could take a couple of hours to accomplish. The other could involve having to pull the Pump out in order to make the fix.

I was delivering the List when Kharen said the Portable Pump that was being used to remove the water from the Plant Floor had just gotten destroyed by a Forklift. With the Smooth Tires the Driver said the Truck practically slid sideways. With a New Pump ($234.00) and Tools that I learned from experience to bring I had it replaced within the Half Hour. Even though the Water was still dripping from the ceiling Paul insisted I move the Pump where it was Safe.

Having my lunch even later then normal shocked Kathy at the delay but for me it brought back memories from before my retirement. It also meant an even shorter afternoon to work through. When it came time to leave the Rain seemed to slow just long enough for me to load my belongings in the Truck.

Looking down at our very wet parking lot.

There were a few Traffic Lights not working as well as larger pools of Standing Water. It would be nice to see that issue addressed by the city in the future.

When I walked in the Apartment Kathy could see I was tired. It wasn’t long before she was serving Caesars Salad with Chicken Croquettes for supper and a slice of Peach Pie that she baked yesterday.

It really wasn’t that bad a day because the only time Kharen talked to me was to say the Pump needed to be replaced. I also had another worker filling my ear about why Contractors and Welders don’t stay very long in this Plant. Hopefully those kind of days will continue to happen.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 350 New Coronavirus Cases for the Windsor/Essex Region which brought the Active Cases to 347.

The Weather Network showed our Humidex felt like 54 F (12 C) today with a moderate North Wind that should increase through out the night.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I always let my staff take their lunches first because I much preferred a late lunch, the afternoon went so much faster.

  2. Rick you are almost running the place at work. Maybe Kharen will fade away and things will be smooth at work.