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Tuesday, September 21, 2021

It Was Tuesday.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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There was no stepping out the door this morning without wearing a Raincoat but by the time I arrived at the Plant there was barely a Drizzle. The entire day would be back and forth being Wet then Dry. It did help to verify what I had pointed out to Paul the Owner a long time ago that there was a leak directly under the Roof Drain above the Inspection Table. Looks like the Roofing Company will be back to make it right.

Paul and I were again having a civil conversation before the start of the shift. As we headed to the plant floor we looked ahead at taking care of a few issues before they became emergencies.

I did my Morning Walk Around before repairing a couple more Carriers.

It was while I was measuring what would be needed for the repairs that Kharen the Supervisor showed up spouting off orders and saying I need to be doing more. It’s strange to have someone telling a qualified Tradesman that spent Four Years as an Apprentice how to do things when he only spent Six Months becoming a Pharmacist back in his country of origin. I taught Human Rights Courses to end discrimination in the Workplace but today it means nothing.

He expected me to make certain a particular Carrier style were straight and had all its hooks. I lucked out as they were being used at that moment so I was able to repair around Twenty Carriers seconds before they were hung on the Paint-Line. The remaining basket I had a Forklift Driver bring them closer to the Compound to shorten my walk.

That’s when things got real interesting because suddenly there was a need for Spray Nozzles to go on the Piping that we installed Three Weeks earlier. They were not sure that New Nozzles could be delivered before the weekend so Kharen assigned me to salvage used ones that filled Two Five Gallon Pales. If they were damaged they got tossed but most just needed a good scraping. Where the Pails had been stored there was a lot of Paint that had dripped on the Nozzles themselves. Kharen wanted Eighty by the end of the day. He got Thirty and Paul was happy.

The Rain stopped long enough for me to load my belongings in the Truck and get in the Apartment dry.

For supper we had Sweet and Sour Chicken Balls with Vegetable Rice. We also had a slice of Peach Pie that Kathy baked this afternoon for dessert.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 39 New Coronavirus Cases for the Windsor/Essex Region which brought the Active Cases to 333. They also reported the Winners of the Local Ridings from yesterday’s Federal Election.

The Weather Network showed our Humidex felt like 88 F (31 C). Our area is also under a Severe Rain Advisory. We could see as much as Three Inches of Rain in Windsor with higher precipitation in other regions of Ontario.

It wasn’t until I was writing this post that I realized it was Tuesday and that’s when Kharen is impossible with everyone on that day of the week. I’m reconsidering the statement I made on last night’s Blog.

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It’s about time.


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  1. I don't think it matters what day of the week it is, Kharem is impossible on all of them. A truly unpleasant man......

  2. What does your plant manufacture? I am a newer reader and enjoy your description of your work events!