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Monday, September 27, 2021

Good Day but Tuesday’s Coming.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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There was definitely a chill in the morning air that made me rush to get in the Truck. Again the breeze blowing between the Two Buildings is being funnelled which intensifies the feeling.

The door was already open when I arrived at the Plant this morning so there was no waiting to go in. By the time the shift started I had already gotten a big smile and wave from Paul the Owner. The Morning Walk Around revealed another set of Belts that will need to be replaced on an Exhaust Stack on the Mezzanine.

Back at the Maintenance Compound there were things to put away from Saturday’s jobs plus someone on Friday after I was gone for the day had brought a box of Mixed Fasteners in from somewhere. Paul had mentioned they had been searching for the right sized Bolts and Nuts for a job. I pointed out the mixed up bins that I hadn’t gotten to organizing yet. This morning that entire Box was sorted and the Fasteners put in the proper bins.

With that completed I checked the Paint-Line making certain there were no Carriers in need of repair. Back to the Compound I started cleaning more Spray Nozzles. I had shown Paul on Saturday that they could be completely reusable in less then Three Minutes. Even though New Nozzles and Saddles had been ordered these could be used as well replacing others that might fail. I also specified that these would only be worked on when there was a lull in my other jobs. That he was happy to hear and gave me the go ahead to continue.

Around 11:30 one of the Line Workers brought over one of the Carrier Racks that had been built before I started working there. It that had a Broken Handle that I was getting ready to repair when Kharen the Supervisor came looking for a Work Lamp. Surprisingly he was polite and didn’t stay around giving me the Third Degree.

When I went for my lunch it was quite comfortable sitting out at the Picnic Table. When I spoke with Kathy she was still a little down from yesterday but she had the Balcony Door open enjoying the Fresh Air.

Around 2:00 the Paint-Line was shut down due to the lack of Parts to run. I simply kept on cleaning the Nozzles since my shift ended at 3:30. Around 2:30 Kharen came in to return the Work Lamp and when he saw what I was doing said I didn’t need to do them. I told him Paul knew I was doing it in my down time.

He changed the subject saying we need to move the Air Dryer that we had taken off the Skid on Saturday. I said he would have to show me exactly where he wanted it. He said he get others to help because it was heavier then he originally thought. (Paul probably talked with him after he told Avry it was very Lite.) When he left I continued cleaning more Nozzles. I think I’ll get Paul’s blessing on more things.

Back at the Apartment after speaking with Kathy I returned to the Truck. I had to move my Toolbox behind the Driver’s Seat so that it would sit better. Now it will be easier to get it in and out because the Tray under that seat is wider.

Upstairs Kathy had tried unsuccessfully to install the new Slip-On Cover on our Love Seat Recliner. While she cooked supper piece by piece I put the Cover on since I have a little more pull in my hands. Somehow there were no “S-Hooks” in the package so I’ll pick some up on the way home tomorrow.

Kathy made Grilled Chicken with a Fried Potato to go with a Caesars Salad for supper along with a Peach for dessert. It was really tasty and satisfying.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 40 New Coronavirus Cases for the Windsor/Essex Region today bringing the total Active Cases to 307.

The Weather Network showed our temperature feeling like 90 F (32 C) this afternoon. The temperature will be more seasonal for the next week with little precipitation.

Since tomorrow is Tuesday and I’m curious how Kharen will act since every time he’s found something to scream at me for has been on a Tuesday.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Gotta finally laugh at your Tuesday experiences. Here it's Taco Tuesday with many Mexican themed eateries offering fun specials on Tuesday. We look forward to a taco special :)