It's about time.

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Thursday, May 25, 2023

If It Could Happen.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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This morning I arrived at the Plant minutes before Mile did. He claimed he fell asleep sitting on the side of his bed. I didn’t tell him that I barely slept due to the Pain in my Hip.

I offered to touch up Two Feedscrews while the one in the Plasma Transfer Arc got up to temperature before I welded the Bearing. He okayed the one but insisted Pat would do the other.

After getting the Burner going, the Unit I did was Twenty-Five Feet long and Six Inches in diameter. By the time I brought it to the Inspection Bench and finished touch-ups. Jason had finally arrived for his early shift. He would have the task of blending those welds.

The Ten Inch Feedscrew was still not up to temperature, so I again asked Mile about the Two Inch Screw only to get the same answer.

The temperature was perfect so as soon as everything was set I hit the “Begin to Weld” button. Just then Mile a Jovo came to see how things were going because this was the Teen Inch Bearing that had Cracked back in February, due to Cold Air from the Shipping Door that had been left open for Fifteen Minutes. Part of my preparation is to pull the Welding Shield shut to protect anyone walking by. I had just hit the button and the Torch started piling Hot Powder on the Bearing, when they came around, but the Positioner was not turning the Screw. After I ground away that mess I made Three more attempts to start, before everything worked the way it should.

The Powder was going on smooth with no Bubbles or Porosities. The problem is that it is a Slow process, because it takes Multiple Layers to complete the process. The fact that an extra Quarter Inch of material had been ground away meant it would take even longer.

With time I have developed a technique that when the Torch completes a single pass (Four Hours of non-stop welding) I then reverse its direction without stopping the process and repeat that move when it gets back to the starting point. After Ten Hours of non-stop welding the Torch plugged Three Times before running out of Powder. Top that off with a bad Eye-Irritation, I called it a day after Fourteen Hours.

The Feedscrew that Pat welded for pinholes was supposed to be shipped today, but he put so much weld on it that it had to be sent back to the CNC Mill. I wonder if Mile will remember that.

Kathy had run some errands throughout the day and gone to visit our friend Kathie. She is still struggling to walk again after breaking her Leg and Hip.

I called Kathy earlier to be certain she would eat something. I called again when I was finally on my way home. When I walked in the Apartment she was already serving Lasagna for supper along with Cherries and a slice of Cake for dessert.

I have to finish that Bearing tomorrow, but as soon as all the welding is done, I hope to leave early.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


What did the blanket say to the bed?

Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered”.

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