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Friday, March 31, 2023

Do Not Disturb and Blue Cloud

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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After getting the Burners going on the Feedscrew already mounted in the PTA this morning, Mile asked if I could take a look at another one on the Inspection Bench. It wasn’t serious and would be a quick fix as far as I was concerned, but when he said to stop the Burners, then go back later I spoke up.

The Unit in the PTA would take over an Hour to bring up to the temperature needed for welding and I could slow down the Burners. The worse case for the quick fix would be an Hour, besides I have been showing Vic how to monitor the process in case of an emergency so he could watch the Burners.

Vic reported to me every time he walked by the PTA. The quick fix of a couple of Cracks turned into TIG Welding a complete Patch as the Cracks immediately formed right next to the weld. With the Pre and Post Heating, then wrapping the Screw in a Welding Blanket, it took Ninety Minutes to do the fix.

Over at the Plasma Transfer Arc after moving the Burners to further distribute the heat I was able get everything ready to start the Two Hour Weld. That was when I looked back at the Inspection Bench to see the Welding Blanket had already been tossed aside. I went and put it back in place, then tied it with a strap, before putting my “Do Not Disturb” sign next to it. By making it cool slower we avoid more cracking.

I went back to the PTA and hit the “Begin to Weld” button. Like yesterday the weld was going on like Butter on Toast. Like yesterday when the Torch reached the Transition Zone, it suddenly veered. Unlike yesterday, this time without hesitation I hit the Stop button. After finding the changed number and correcting it, I immediately shut the entire system down. I was not about to repeat the headache I had gone through just yesterday. This time when it was turned back on, the numbers were correct. The rest of the Feedscrew went down without any more problems.

Mile was amazed how good this Unit looked, even with that single panic spot. He went back to his Office to contact the Manufacturers of the PTA about having the program checked over.

My lunch break was less then Ten Minutes that I used to talk with Kathy. She had been shopping but had to run home so she asked me to get the Mail. I told her I was stopping at Windsor Gas and Diesel as well.

I serviced the PTA Torch before mounting the Unit I will start off Monday with. It’s a Six Inch Feedscrew that will take the entire day to weld, if there are no “Program Problems”. By the time I punched out, at the end of the shift, all the needed Numbers were in the program.

When I checked our Mailbox at Guardian Storage, it was surprisingly empty.

Since Coronavirus hit we have not travelled far, so our vehicles have needed less repairs. Well now the Car needs some TLC and I stopped at Windsor Gas and Diesel to schedule it. I don’t want Kathy driving it if it is not Safe. It will be repaired on Monday.

While there I had the chance to talk to Jim and Don. Neither of them knew what Feedscrews were or what they were used for and were amazed at the pictures I have on my Cell Phone. (One of these days, you will all get to see them.)

As soon as I was leaving the shop the Truck went into Regen mode. I headed straight to the Expressway so it could be run at Highway Speed, needed to clean the Diesel Particulate Filter. By driving to West Windsor and back was more than enough to stop the dreaded Blue Cloud that I am certain is not appreciated by those that are behind the Truck when it happens.

I stopped at Arby’s to get their Fish Sandwiches for our supper.

Kathy was watching the 6 o’clock Local News when I walked into the Apartment. While warning us of potential High Winds in the coming days, they also showed the Devastation caused by Tornadoes in the Southern States. I remember sometimes delaying our homeward trek because of those storms.

We both hope that everyone in those States are Safe.

Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment, unless it personally attacks someone for their opinion, or is Spam.

Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Park Ranger: “Sorry, you can’t fish here!”

Camper: “I’m not fishing. I’m teaching my worm to swim!”

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  1. I look forward to those things you are working on! Good idea