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Friday, March 17, 2023

Not What He Wanted and Not Spring Yet.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Another change of Plans when I got to work this morning. The Feedscrew that I thought would be my first priority was dashed when Mile chose a different Unit. After listening to his instructions I went about getting things going.

The PTA wasn’t working perfectly, but better then most times. Since I’ve been told my Welds are too wide, the Oscillation was kept perfectly between the edges of the Flights.

After diligently standing at the Controls for nearly Three Hours the Main Flight was Eighty Percent complete when Mile had me stop. For a change he did not want me to have the nice Narrow Bead, but he wanted me to burn over both the edges without adding much Powder. Even though I could have corrected the issue he insisted the Screw will have to be ground before I again build up that Feedscrew by Two Hundred Thousandths of an Inch. That will take a Twelve Hour Day to accomplish.

With the Feedscrew resting in the Sandbox I went for lunch. It was nice talking to Kathy while sitting down to relax. I mentioned there was a possibility that I could be leaving at a decent time, but with errands to run it might be a while before I got home.

I finished the day with another Repair using the TIG Welder, then mounting the Feedscrew that I had Planned on welding today on the PTA. That takes a Half Hour alone so this way that job won’t be pulled. By the time I got changed it was 3:32 when I punched out.

With Spring being less than a Week away, this morning on my way to work it was over 50 F (10 C) and Raining. This afternoon it was dry, Windy and barely Above Freezing. I was nearly frozen by the time I finished fuelling up the Truck at the Pioneer gas station.

My next stop was the Motor City Community Credit Union to do the banking that was not done yesterday. I walked right up to the only Teller with nobody ahead of me. In the Five Minutes it took there was a bunch of people waiting to take care of their needs.

We had agreed at lunchtime that I would stop at Arby’s to pick up their Fish Sandwiches for supper. At 4:30 the place was super busy, but I finally got our meals.

It was nearly 5:00 when I walked in the Apartment, where we immediately ate our hot meals.

The 6 o’clock Local News showed a Cold, White Weekend heading our way.

With a busy day scheduled (Not Planned) for tomorrow, we’ll let you know how it turns out.

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It’s about time.


I told my friend 10 jokes to make him laugh.

Sadly, no pun in 10 did.

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