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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Calamity Explanation and Very Hypnotic.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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For the second day in a row, I had already mounted the Feedscrew in the Plasma Transfer Arc the day before and Mile approved of my choice of jobs. When I mentioned how I found things around the PTA on Tuesday after the Consultant had been there, he didn’t act surprised. He claimed Pat had moved things around to get Measurements for a new Heater we are hoping to use. (Too bad they didn’t ask for my assistance.)

It still took more than an Hour before the Unit was warm enough 700 F (330 C) to push the “Begin To Weld” button.

Since I started experimenting the other day, by adjusting the Positioner and Carriage Speeds, the Torch has been nearly following the CNC Numbers perfectly. I had already double and triple checked the numbers on the Spreadsheet, making certain every thing was in place. When the Torch went from Zone 1 to Zone 2 it was like a dream come true. Ten Inches into the second Zone, the Torch started taking dramatic turns and spewing Powder everywhere. From experience I hit the “Upslope” button. (Fancy word for Stop.) Going back to the Spreadsheet, the Powder feed had a multiple of Ten and the Oscillation had gone to Three Inches wide from a Half. I hadn’t touched anything and I was there by myself. Gremlins!

I was in the process of grinding that extra Powder off when Mile showed up with Rick an Electrician. We are looking at using an Electric Heating Device for when we do Bearings. Rick will figure our our best options for that.

When I called Kathy at lunch I was still keeping the Torch in check and she had just pulled the Car over to talk with me. I mentioned I might be later getting home tonight.

I had spoken with Vic the Inspector before lunch and was told that there were Feedscrews that needed repairs before anyone could work on them. Since I have been showing Vic how to control the Torch on the PTA, we made an arrangement. I got the Torch going on the Second Pass so Vic could control it. I then went about repairing a Screw that the Mill had cut an extra trough into. I double checked that Vic was okay, twice during the Hour it took to make the repair. Vic complained that he nearly fell asleep watching the Torch going back and forth. He said it was Very Hypnotic.

Since there is still another Eight Hours of welding on this Rebuild, I finally had it buried in the Sandbox by 4:00. Mile was impressed with the way it was turning out and even more so when I asked him to double check the other repair. I was still handing the Hot Unit when I got a Thumbs Up from across the Plant.

It was 4:15 when I called Kathy to say I was on my way. I used a Coupon at Arby’s for our supper.

It may be Spring but according to the 6 o’clock Local News, we’ll be having a roller coaster ride with our weather.

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It’s about time.


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