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Monday, March 20, 2023

Same Old With A Laugh To Boot.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Even though this was to be the First Day of Spring, when I was heading out to the Truck this morning the -5 C (23 F) temperature made certain I knew it was still officially Winter. With the high Wind Gusts we tend to get at this time of year it just seemed to cut through whatever you were wearing like a knife.

Mile knew exactly what I’d be working on and had no objection. He was impressed with the report I had written about the problems we were facing with the operation of the Plasma Transfer Arc and was going to copy it before sending it off to the Manufacturer.

After setting one of the remaining identical Feedscrews in the PTA on Friday it was not difficult to get the Burners fired up to get the chill out of the metal. Having also loaded the needed numbers and needing to wait for the heat to spread above 700 F (330 C), gave me time to pull the Rebuild Unit out of the Sandbox before the start of the regular shift.

It was just past 7:30 when I hit the “Begin To Weld” button. As I have described to you all the Challenges the PTA threw at me last week, it did the same today. The Lead-In had to be decreased for Zones 1&2 but increased for Zone 3. Back to Zones 5&6 the Lead-In had to be decreased again. All this time I had to utilize the Oscillator Centering Knob to the point I had to stop the process and reset it Five Times.

I did have a laugh when Pat the so-called Consultant came around to tell me of a new procedure we were going to try on the Ten Inch Bearings. He said we were going to increase Powder Feed and Positioner Speed, while decreasing Amperage. What that will add up to is a Bearing that will fall off because it will not be properly attached to the base metal.

I just finished covering the Screw in the Sandbox when the buzzer went off for lunch. As soon as I finished my Sandwich I was talking with Kathy. It’s not often I get to sit around to have my break. It looked like I might even leave early, but that didn’t happen.

After setting up the last of the Five Identical Feedscrews, I double checked the Numbers in the Computer, before setting up the Burners and the Torch, that I had to disassemble because the Orifice was starting to plug up. I also tried a Test Run, without the Arc and a few changed numbers for the Positioner and Carriage Speeds. I am hoping that this might make a bit of an improvement, no matter how much, I will take it.

Notice the Wind Gusts.

By the time I washed up, it was 3:36 when I punched out. Kathy was happy that I was on my way home. I was glad to see the 8 C (46 F) temperature. I had the window open most of the way.

Inside the Apartment, we spoke for a bit, but then things got really quiet. What woke me up was the high Wind rattling our Balcony Railing. I must have needed that. Kathy just laughed.

We had Veggie Wraps for supper along with a piece of Chocolate Cake for dessert, while we watched the 6 o’clock Local News.

We know some of our readers don’t need to hear this, but we are hoping that some of others will soon be getting some warmer temperatures.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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