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Thursday, March 30, 2023

Too Many Asides.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Even though I knew the first job I would be working this morning, I didn’t expect all the Asides that I would face.

First the Feedscrew needed to be brought to the Inspection Bench, where it would be welded. Next the Filler Plate needed bevelling before clamping it in place. Lastly the Shank had to be heated up so there would be no Thermo-Shocking that could lead to cracking.

Surrounded by the portable Welding Tent the process was under way before the regular shift began. Even though it had been preheated for over Ten Minutes the weld did Crack, probably due to the fact it was being Stick Welded and the heat was not totally evened out at the time. The only thing that could be done was to add more heat, the grind out the Crack and add more Amperage. Once the rooting was completed and additional material added, the job was a success. Then after adding Post Heat, it was wrapped in the Welding Blankets to prolong its cool down process. I hung a sign for it not to be moved until tomorrow and surprisingly it worked.

Before I could clean up Mile asked me over to the PTA. Pat the Consultant was there with another Proto-Type Heater. Since I had not turned on the Plasma Transfer Arc this morning, and I’m the only one in the Plant that knows how to operate it, I was asked to move the Carriage into various positions so measurements could be made. Like the Burner there is still more to do to make it work.

I actually had my first sit down break for this week, this morning. I had just finished cleaning up the first job when Mile said he needed another job by the end of the day. Since I had recently done a similar job I figured “No Problem”.

It was after 11:00 when I hit the “Begin to Weld” button and the Number 83 Hard Surfacing Powder was going down smooth. As I have been explaining in other posts, Feedscrews are sometimes made of Multiple Zones. I’ve also mentioned how on many occasions, the PTA likes to change the Numbers that control its movements. When today’s job transitioned from Zone 1 to Zone 2, everything went crazy.

When the Torch started doing a cross country dash I instinctively hit the “Stop” button. Getting rid of the extra weld took some grinding. I searched the Menu and found the Carriage Speed had increased by a Ten Factor. At first I thought I had mistakenly made the entree but once it was reset and it repeated the action I knew it was the Computer doing us in. The only drastic solution I had been told about was to shut the entire system down, then restart it, in hopes the problem would go away. After Eight Number Changes, Five Reboots and lots of Grinding, I was finally back in business. Mile didn’t want to believe me but, I hadn’t gotten rid of the excess welds, so he saw the proof.

I had spoken to Kathy just prior to the PTA acting up, and mentioned I could be late. With the Late Starting Time and the Computer Glitches, it was 5:48 when I punched out.

After depositing my Pay-Cheque at the Bank and being stopped by a Slow-Moving Freight Train, it was past 6:30 when I finally walked into the Apartment.

Supper was a Modified Store-Bought Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza.

Looks like we are going to have some nasty weather heading our way.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Nasty weather headed to all directions it seems. Down here we expect tornado warnings tonight. We have two RVS parked here. We might be telling them to come inside to the basement.