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Wednesday, August 17, 2022

Information Overload, Repairs and Behind The Controls.

Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Getting to the Plant more then a Half Hour before the start of my shift allowed me to get my Coveralls on and sit in the Lunchroom. Sitting there gave me two good things to do that I seldom do with the first being sipping on my Coffee that would last until noon. The second thing I did was deleting all the Extra Phone Numbers that suddenly appeared after the Sales/Tech wirelessly transferred our Contact List from our old phones to our new. Somehow there were an additional 58 Numbers of people and businesses that I had not added. With the newer 5G technology they could have been simply left there but if we will never call them then “Why?

Soon after the buzzer sounded a number of Feedscrews that needed repairs were brought to my attention. Some of the Machinist try to explain the theory behind the design and I am starting to understand it but at this moment it is “Information Overload”. For now pointing out where you want the material and the hardness level you want is enough for me. By the time we stopped for the 10:00 Break I was finishing the Third Feedscrew this morning.

When those were finished I told Gabriel that I had to go to school to learn how to run the Plasma Transfer Arc Welder. He laughed!

Alec was happy to see me and immediately started adding to the “Information Overload” but there is a good reason. Starting the 9th of September he’ll be on Vacation for Three Weeks and I have to be capable of operating this Machine. I was pulled back to weld repairs Three More Times before lunch. In less then the week I have been on the job doing TIG Welding my hand has again gotten steadier making cleanup of the Welds easy and fast.

Kathy had a scheduled visit from Mary her Foot Nurse form Healthy Heals this morning. When I called while on lunch she did not answer her phone because she was out driving to Micheal’s. Hopefully this weekend I’ll be able to connect our new Cell Phones via Blue Tooth in both the Car and the Truck. Then we’ll miss less calls simply by touching the button on the Steering Wheel.

I told Alec that I would never learn to operate the Machine by looking over his shoulder. I told him that he should be standing behind me telling me how to make it work. Before I knew it he was standing behind me telling me to get behind the panel. This is an interesting Controller because there are two ways to operate it. It has a Touch Screen with Twist Knobs at the bottom. It was easier setting up with the Touch Screen while fine tuning the process with the Twist Knobs.

I only had Two more repairs before the end of the shift when I punched out at 3:45.

Those few minutes delay in leaving meant less traffic to contend with and I was home minutes after 4:00. It seemed that I only had one Red Traffic Light all the way home.

I had another call to make tonight that by the time I figured out the Phone Maze of who I needed to talk to I was put on HOLD for over a Half Hour. The bad part about that was the Classical Piano Music they were playing. I stood up a couple of times before I put it on Speaker and started working on the Computer to keep awake. By the time Casey startled us both Kathy and I had fallen asleep from the music.

The call was concerning the replacement of my Tools that were Stolen from the Truck Break-in back in May. Apparently the other person who took my call back then had not opened a Claim. Luckily I still had the Police Report at hand so that information sped things up. Now I can replace those Tools and get reimbursed for them as well.

It was too late to start making a Stir-Fry so we had ready made Lasagna for supper.

The Weather Network showed our Humidex felt like 86 F (30 C) around 2:00 this afternoon with more Hot and Wet weather heading our way.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Are you enjoying learning something new or not so much?

  2. My grandson operates some sort of automated welding apparatus in a fabrication business. It's all too convoluted for me to wrap my head around.