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Monday, August 15, 2022

Being Wanted, 136 and Extra Contacts.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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It feels good to be wanted and not just at home. Yesterday before we went out I checked my Cell Phone Messages to find one from my former boss Paul. He sounded in a down mood and asked that I call him when I got the chance. Darn I’d already deleted his number so that will be a NO.

When I went in to work this morning it seemed like many of the Machinist including the Owner Mile were asking my opinion on why they were having so much trouble with Feedscrews that had been welded prior to my arrival. At first I was partially in agreement with their assessments but I also threw questions back at them. In the ended we found that what they had suspected for months that the welds were cracking was incorrect. What was developing was Undercut. That happens when a Weld does not completely reach the intended side it is supposed to. Then when it was cleaned up everyone just though it was a Crack where it was Undercut where the applied materials had not been properly applied.

They also had me repairing a number of Keyways that had been improperly cut by that same Machinist that had messed things up on my first day. He had a great Resume but he no longer works for Windsor Feedscrews.

Today I did something I haven’t done since starting working there. I punched out at 3:31 because I had an appointment. The entire area is filled with small Manufacturing Companies and they all let out at the same time. Traffic was chaos but I still made it home in Twenty-Five Minutes.

Kathy got ready while I took a rushed shower. I knew I was getting clean by the colour of the water running down the drain. From the time I walked in the door until the time we left was only Fifteen Minutes.

Our destination was the Canadian Blood Services building where I was scheduled to donate my Blood. During the Six Months I had been off work when I was rescheduled for my next appointment they kept getting slightly earlier in the afternoon. If you are not working you don’t care. That will simply give you a longer evening. Now that I am again working that is a problem.

Kathy stayed in the Car reading while I went in. I was only Six Minutes late but with more people coming in it was okay. This time I made certain I won’t have to rush like that again. My next appointment will be on our Canadian Thanksgiving in October. With New Coronavirus Cases on the rise I was surprised that there were only a few including myself wearing Masks today. When I walked out I had officially made my 136th Blood Donation.

We always go out for supper whenever I donate Blood but after having had Fast Food the last few days had us wanting more. We went to the Michigan Diner to have Fish and Chips off the Seniors Menu. While waiting for our order to be cooked we talked about our New Phones. I thought that I had properly set up our Ring Tones last night but Kathy is having issues with her’s. When I tried to show her how to use the Contact List on my Phone I was finding individuals and companies listed that I had never put there.

After finishing our meal we drove over to the Tecumseh Mall where we again went to the Bell outlet. Jordan was not there but Shana figured that when he transferred our Contact Lists wirelessly it had picked up a few extra along the way. Our old phones had nearly a Hundred Contacts but now these new phones have close to a Thousand Contact numbers. We’ll take a few days to thin things down and get used to our new phones.

The Weather Network later showed our Humidex felt like 88 F (31 C) this afternoon.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. WOW! That must feel good. Knowing that Paul is begging. We just changed cell carriers too. What a mess getting everything set up. Been back to the store 4 times. Hopefully, DONE!

  2. Congratulations on your 136th donation!

    I knew Paul would sooner or later realize the grave mistake he made by letting you go.