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Tuesday, May 24, 2022

Painful Chores and Moving Our Vehicles.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Before going to bed last night I actually set the Alarm because I Planned on getting an early start to my chores. Every time I Plan something it seldom happens and you might note I used the past tense. Having the Alarm set for 6:00 my Plan was to get the Laundry started before other tenants got to the Laundry Room. Instead I woke looking at the Clock that read 7:07.

Once I got the workable Washers between both Laundry Rooms going I headed back to the Apartment to start making breakfast. Kathy was already busy with her morning chores because she had an appointment later this morning. We enjoyed Rhubarb Sauce on Toast to start our day.

It was just after 10:00 when I headed back to start the folding process. As per usual Two of the Dryers had not done their jobs on the first turn so I manage to fold everything else waiting for that to happen.

In the meantime Mary from Healthy Heals had arrived and taken care of Kathy’s feet. We had warned her about the parking lot reconstruction taking place and how vehicles had been towed. She did as suggested to put a sign in her windshield saying who she was visiting for Medical Care. It worked and Kathy’s feet felt wonderful.

Geese enjoying the Waterfront.

By the time I got back to the Apartment with all the folded Laundry the Pain in my Hip from all the standing had me in agony. After taking an Extra Strength Tylenol I still needed to sit for it to work.

We had Italian Wedding Soup for lunch along with Grapes, Blueberry Muffins and Yogurt Cups for dessert. It may sound like a lot but we had a lot of errands to run.

We were out the door before 1:00 and our first destination was to Green Shield to drop off the Claim Form from Healthy Heals. Kathy simply slides it through their Mail Slot and it will be processed within a day. We should receive a Refund early next week.

Next we swung by Guardian Storage to check our Mailbox because Kathy is waiting for a delivery.

My Hip was still bothering me so when we went to Dollarama I let Kathy walk the Aisles by herself while I met her at the Cross Aisles. Besides a few Healthy Snacks we got Bread before moving on to the grocery store.

At Zehr’s grocery store we only walked around the Produce and Dairy Sections before heading back to the Car. I had to use my hand to pull my leg in. The Pain was so great that I had no strength in my leg.

At that point I knew that I would not have the strength to cook supper so we went to Arby’s Drive-Thru where we ordered their Greek Gyros for supper.

Back at our building we used our Folding Two Wheeled Shopping Cart to bring everything upstairs. There were a couple of Notices in our door handle when we arrived at our Apartment. Again I needed to rest before we put things away.

The first Notice was to inform us that all the Toilettes in the building were being replaced while the second Notice was to say we needed to move our vehicles so the Construction can continue.

After another Tylenol I went down to the Office where the Secretary said that All Tenants were being encouraged to use the Parking Garage for this week so the Visitors Parking Spaces could be used by those with larger Trucks. When I told her our Toilette had just been replaced she marked our Apartment off the list.

Kathy had most everything put away by the time I returned. We went together to move the vehicles. I drove the Truck while she brought the Car around. I drove it downstairs as she has had some bad experiences in one before. The lighting has been totally upgraded and with repairs to the upper parking lot there are no more Puddles downstairs. Now the Contractors can finish their job without cars being in the way.

The Weather Network showed we only reached a high of 68 F (20 C) due to Northeasterly Winds.

With the help of another Tylenol hopefully tomorrow will be a better day.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


Pavlov is sitting at a bar when his phone rings. He exclaims, “Oh no, I forgot to feed the dogs!”

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  1. You need to take it easy and relax so you don't further aggravate your injury.

    If you could have parked in the garage why have you chosen not to do so especially when it snows so much in your country?

    The new owners are making a lot of upgrades, I hope your rent does not go up at the end of your lease.