It's about time.

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Tuesday, January 25, 2022

Paul Inquires and Cleaning Snow.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Having suffered numerous Back Injuries similar to what I am presently dealing with I know that it will just take time for it to finally clear up. I mentioned yesterday how Paul had watched as I went about my Morning Inspection then later gave me a job as if nothing else mattered. This morning the pain was not as severe but my movements were still limited. I was half way up the side of the Washer when Paul came up to ask if I was sick. I told the truth and said I was fine but pulled my Back on the weekend moving my Toolbox into my Truck. I mentioned it would take time to recover but that I could still do my work only slightly slower.

Minutes later he returned and told me to use the ATV that I had worked on back in November to clean the Snow that had accumulated overnight and then to Salt that area. The first thing I did was to add Two 45 Pound Bags of Salt in the hopper before going outside.

This was actually my first time driving this kind of vehicle and I did okay but I don’t know if this assignment was a Blessing or a Punishment. The Plow has a mechanical lifting system that sent a stabbing pain to my Back if I only used one arm to raise it. When I went to use the Salter that I had designed the mounting brackets for nothing happened. Tom had used it only last week and it worked fine.

Bringing it back inside I found the Fuse had blown so I replaced it. Instantly that one blew. So I scooped some of the Salt from the hopper and spread it by hand. After doing that a number of times I split the remaining Salt between the Two Bags which left little in the hopper. It hit me to try the Salter again. It worked like a charm. The Two Bags of Salt had packed itself in the hopper while I was plowing making it solid as a rock. With only a Half a Bag in the hopper I was able to salt the Ramps to the Loading Docks with no problem before heading inside.

After parking the ATV in the Warehouse by the time I pealed a few layers off it was time for my first break. As soon as that was over I started repairing Carriers. That’s when Kharen showed up looking for the Anode Tubes he had me work on yesterday. They were where he had me put them but now he wanted me to add the Tubing inside the Tubes. When he saw the Window Guards for the Rental Property already painted he asked how they were painted. When I said I used the remnants from spray cans he said that was too expensive doing it that way and it would have been cheaper running it on the Line. (Remember he has to be in control.)

I had the chance to talk with Kathy at lunch and told her about my new job. Because of the cold she didn’t plan on going anywhere.

I just got back to the Compound when Kharen wanted me to try to scrape more Snow off the lot. He figured since the Sun was shining it would melt more away. By the time I got outside the Sun was back behind the Clouds. I moved a lot more now before putting the ATV back in the Warehouse.

On the way home I stopped at Guardian Storage to pick up our Mail and an Amazon Package. I was only Ten Minutes later getting home then normal. It felt good to sit in my recliner where my Back appreciated the added support.

For supper we had Perogies topped with Carbonated Juice (Fake Wine) along with a slice of the Banana/Pecan Cake that Kathy baked yesterday for dessert.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 12 Coronavirus Deaths for the Windsor/Essex Region but they didn’t give any other numbers.

The Weather Network showed that we reached a high temperature of 21 F (-6 C) this afternoon but with the overnight temperature only feeling like -11 F (-25 C).

We see how things go tomorrow.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Hope your back feels better soon. Try some Epsom salts in a bath, that often helps.

  2. Is it possible Paul & little coward "kahren" have discovered you publish an online blog and are reading it.
    It seems an icy existence has developed the past two weeks?