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Saturday, January 15, 2022

Brown Snow.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Thankfully there was no Snow on the ground where I was walking but with a Windchill of -6 F (-21 C) you didn’t want to stay outside too long. I’d made certain to dress in layers anticipating having to work on the Loading Dock this morning but we lucked out that it was still working.

With that change the first thing Ivan and I did was to return to the Mezzanine to clean the last of the Electric Motors that were up there. We each tackled a different Heat Box. Both made the same with a Burner Motor and a Circulation Motor. Ivan’s Mechanical Abilities has greatly improved and I only had to help him a single time. The Circulation Motor was made different making it harder to get the Fan Cover off.

With those completed since Ivan is the Forklift Driver he had to go burn the paint off the Carriers. He basically does that every weekend. While he did that I cleaned the Powder Coat Exhaust Motor which was the last Electric Motor on the Mezzanine to be cleaned. We finished up just on time for our first break. While relaxing we both agreed that it would be nice to leave early since there was no special job to hold us there.

The next Motors we needed to clean were Two of the Line Drives that looked like they hadn’t been touched in years. Since Ivan is “Scared of Heights” he worked on the Number 1 Drive where the Motor Cover he would work on was at Eye Level when he was only on the Fourth Step of the Ladder. I worked on the Number 1 Drive where I had to get a taller Ladder and climb over the unit to access the Motor Cover. Remember I just wrote that both these units looked like they had not been serviced in years. One of the Cleaning Crew said he has worked for the company for Six Years and we were the first to service those units. Both the units are located immediately outside Ovens and the fumes mixed with the Dust in the air looked like Brown Snow stuck to the ceiling, walls and the units themselves. Did I forget to mention that these units were located only Two Feet under the Ceilings. To say we were Filthy Dirty would be an understatement.

We talked to our wives at lunch promising them we would not be working late.

When we returned to the Line Drives we had New Drive Belts to install. The old ones were missing so much material it was a wonder they had not broken.

Just as we were closing up from those Drives Kharen showed up with another must do job. Seeing how dirty we were he showed us where the Disposable Coveralls are located so if we ever do another job like this we can protect our clothing. (Too bad he didn’t show us hat before.)

I’ve mentioned before that the Parts Washer is well over Forty Years Old and some parts of the shell are so thin that water sprays through where the Rust has eaten away the metal. Using one of the last pieces of Galvanized Sheet Metal I had I shaped a deflector to stop that from happening. We had to power screw it in place but it will contain the water. True to our word we were leaving the Plant by 3:30.

Kathy was happy to see me so early. She may be home but she gets lonely there as well. For supper she made Sweet and Sour Chicken with Vegetable Rice along with Cantaloupe for dessert.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported a rise in New Coronavirus Cases for the Province of Ontario along with More Deaths but not for Windsor/Essex Region.

Today's high temperature.

The Weather Network shows that tomorrow’s high temperature 30 F (-1 C) with a big Snow Storm hitting Southern Ontario but it looks like our area will remain green. The Niagara Region could see as much as a Foot of the White Stuff by Monday morning.

After the News was over I headed down to the Laundry Room. I’m glad that nobody else was there because even though I clean the Washers after using them if people saw the Dirty Coveralls they would be screaming at me. Using a combination of Stain Remover and Laundry Detergent and running them through Two Washes they came out quite clean.

I’m looking forward to sharing my day off with Kathy.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I sure do not like those cold temps you have been having. That makes the work twice as hard.

  2. By the description of the various motors and equipment at that plant it is a wonder that they still worked. Now that you know that you could used disposable coveralls make use of them. Enjoy your day off with Kathy.