It's about time.

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Thursday, June 17, 2021

I Thought Wrong.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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I had just finished my morning walk around when I started repairing a number of Carriers this morning. It was shortly after 9:00 when Kharin the Supervisor stopped by to talk. Asking what I had been doing I gave him the numbers of the repairs and New Modified Carriers but he wasn’t satisfied.

Kathy's Chicken and Cheese Sandwich with
Clementine Oranges and a Cinnamon Roll for dessert.

Remember how yesterday I mentioned that it sounded like they were finally listening to me. It seems that I was wrong. Out he came with another rant of having to work harder and taking too long to do the job. Seems he forgot that there was disassembly and clean up required before straightening to assemble as a different Carrier. If he’s not happy with what he got today I might be telling him what to do with his job.

It felt so good to be home so I could straighten my back and even applied on a couple more Job Ads. Kathy waited a bit to create Fajitas using the Leftover Ham with Asparagus as a side and a Cinnamon Roll for dessert.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they reported that the Windsor/Essex Region had no New Coronavirus Cases but still had 72 Active Cases of which 19 were Variants of Concern

The Humidex outside only felt like 82 F (28 C) today.

Hoping tomorrow will be a better day because Saturday will be full.

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It’s about time.


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  1. Ah geez. Hope you get a good night's sleep.

  2. Maybe you should call and see if they hired yet for that afternoon/evening job you were so interested in.
    It's not like you're 35 with 3 kids under the age of 5, facing 20 yrs on that shift.... you could handle it for a couple of yrs. Geez, if you've handled this current deplorable situation so you can handle a lousy shift for awhile.

  3. The more you do, the more they expect. SOP for businesses.

  4. He sounds like he'll never be happy. Sorry to hear that when they get 'more', they need to play the 'I'm the boss' card to hold you back. :(

  5. You have more patience than me. And this comes from over 35 years as a Human Resource professional.

  6. Yeah I have to agree this is not a nice place to work! No wonder they can't keep their welders! Good luck!

  7. You sir, have far more patience than I. The owner and supervisor are NEVER going to be satisfied, They are both petty tyrants, and will never change. Time to move on.