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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Friday, March 8, 2019

Quick Visits, Early Lunch, Alerting Someone and Saving His Money.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Once again I was up before 7:00 this morning after enjoying a peaceful night’s sleep. We had discussed what we wanted to do with our day so I was ready to start the day early. I had put my clean clothes in the living room so that I could get most of my inside chores done without waking Kathy. Everything was ready for breakfast and I had all the Laundry sorted even prior to Kathy waking up just before 8:00.
Lots of colour along the roads
We never even turned our Computers on this morning in order to avoid any delays, After loading the Truck and realizing that it was wise to wear a lite Jacket due to the cold Wind that seemed to cut through to the bone.
We were just getting in the Truck by 9:30 when Dick who had stopped us in the middle of the road a few weeks back came walking up to our sight. He still wanted to know what kind of readings we were getting from the Wind Generator. All I could give him was the readings we got when I disconnected the Battery from the Meter the other day. He also has Sleep Apnea and wanted information how we operate them from the Batteries then says he’s going to do it different. Whatever works for him is his choice.
Looking around I spotted Ken walking our way. We had told him at the Campfire on Monday that we write a Blog and gave him the Name but most people don’t remember it. Today I had my Reading Glass Case with me and I carry a few Contact Cards in it so simply gave him one. He is considering writing his own Blog so his Family will know what he is up to.
We were soon heading up Arizona 95 towards Quartzsite and were totally amazed that even though the number of RVs in the area has drastically thinned out the number of people doing their laundry seems to have increased. We hadn’t even reached the Interstate when our Truck went into Regeneration to clean the Diesel Particulate Filter so that was good timing. We enjoyed the ride through the Mountain Pass and were just past the Weigh Scale heading towards Blythe when it finished. Oddly that was when we needed to do a Pit Stop so we pulled into the Flying J.
We were just about to leave when I looked at my watch and realized that because of the delays talking it was almost 10:30. Figuring how much time it would take to do the Laundry and run our other errands it would be well past our lunchtime and with Kathy’s Diabetes that would be bad news. We went back inside and ordered an early lite lunch from Wendy’s that we would work off rather then being hungry. It worked out great and we were soon on our way feeling satisfied but not stuffed shortly after 11:00.
When we arrived at Madd Jax Laundromat we were a little concerned because the Parking Lot was full. After checking it out and noting that most people inside were already folding their Clothes we brought ours in. After I got everything going in the Washers I went out to the Truck to check my Organizers to see if by chance there was a 3/8” Coupling Nut among my supplies. The One I had was the Wrong Size.
On the way back inside I noticed a Couple with a Dog on a long Leader pulling things out of their Car that looked like Camping Equipment. They later brought in their Laundry and as we were folding ours to go. As we were headed for the Truck their Dog had been keeping cool under the Car came out as if to greet us. We simply talked nice to it but continued towards our Truck. When we turned around the Dog had wiggle its way back under the Car but was suddenly Untied.
The Dog sensed its freedom and started running around the building checking things out. Since it wouldn’t respond to my coaxing I went inside and saw the Man getting change at the Change Machine. When I told him of his Dog he left everything there and headed out the door. Looking around I scooped his Change and Wallet. Outside the Dog was keeping out of reach like a game so I was able to give the Man back his Money and Wallet. He thanked me for letting him know about his Dog.
We drove over to Ace Hardware where I was able to get the Coupling Nut that should take care of my project.
Interesting Couple driving around.
We then walked over to the Verizon outlet where I once again explained my problem to April the associate. She added an App to my TracFone that should allow me to pay our Verizon bill with no problem. She also noted that my Contract runs out during the middle of next month. She suggested that when that happens instead of having to lower our Data to the lowest possible plan and still pay for it while we are in Canada just Cancel It. That will save us Six Months Charges and when we are ready to head south just Reactivate it as an Unlimited Prepaid Account which will also save us on Monthly Charges. That sounds good to me.
We drove across town to Smart and Final to pick up some groceries of which some should last us until we get back in Ontario. While we were in the produce section I spotted the Man from the Laundromat whose Dog got loose. Inquiring if the caught the Dog he just kept thanking me for being Honest and gathering his Money for him. The Dog hadn’t been allowed to run free for a few days and that was why it was playing hard to get. They have a Fifth Wheel but it is buried under a lot of Snow in Wyoming so they are here in the desert Tent Camping to see if they would enjoy coming here. I assured him they would be better off in their Trailer.
We were Home by 4:00 so after getting everything put away we finally turned on our Computers. I was surprised to see that One of the Items that we ordered just Yesterday was already delivered at Quiet Times who close at 4:00 everyday and won’t be open until Monday morning.
For supper I grilled a couple of Hotdogs while Kathy cooked up some Perogies and cut up a nice Pear for us to share for dessert. The Wind continues to blow though somewhat less then it did earlier. After doing the Dishes we watched a Movie. Definitely an Oldie. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Tent camping in the desert? No way!!! Yikes ... too many scorpions and snakes!!

  2. Nice that you were able to scoop up the guys money and give it back to him. Love the couple driving around haha. Too cute!

  3. Its always a good feeling when you can help someone out. It must feel good to be generating power even after dark.

  4. Really was nice of you to help out the guy with his money and wallet never know who might find it and take advantage.

  5. I have NO choice but to be a tent camper in the desert. It would be nice to have a trailer or small RV but I do not think I could keep up with the maintenance.

    There are very few honest people left in this world glad that guy found one in you.