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Saturday, March 23, 2019

Foot Care, Identifying Our Visitor, Accomplishing Chores, Talking With Our Neighbours and Beautiful Sunset.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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After another wonderful night’s sleep I was getting out of bed by 6:30 this morning. After getting things ready for breakfast and opening the Window Shades it was time to start my reading on my Computer. It was nearly 8:00 when Kathy joined me downstairs and looking outside at the clear blue sky we knew that it was going to be a beautiful day.
When Kathy sat at her Computer to read and enjoy her Tea I started my morning chores before coming back for my Coffee. I also brought a Tool Case with me that we have specifically to work on Kathy’s Feet. Back in McGregor Mary from Healthy Heals comes to our Home to do this for Kathy and it is paid for by our Health Care Provider. When on the road I tend to Kathy’s Feet having been instructed by Mary what to do and not do as well as the reasons why. We could little afford to pay for that same service here in the US because of the High Healthcare Costs. Due to Other Risks it is also Safer for me to do it knowing the only person these Tools are used on is Kathy.
Today was the first time that I had the chance to try out my new Child Sized Folding Chair. Our Dining Chairs are too tall and due to back injuries I need some support on my lower back. It worked perfectly and after adding a Foot and Leg Massage Kathy was once again a Happy Camper.
Using the Beef Roast that we grilled yesterday I cut Thin Slices so that Kathy could make us Sandwiches for lunch. Even though it was cold from the Fridge it tasted wonderful and there is still more for another meal. We also had Bartlett Pears and a few Cookies for dessert to fill us up.
I was going outside to do a few quick chores while Kathy had a list of things she wanted to accomplish. Using the Photos of the Snake that passed by the Firepit last night and comparing it to the many on the Web we finally have a name for it. Even though it was at least Four Feet Long it is called a Midget Faded Rattlesnake found mostly here in the Southwest and because it did not feel threatened by our movements it just kept going. Another thing to realize is Younger Snakes are not as aggressive as Older Snakes are and the reason it moved so slowly was it was already feeling the Cold Night Air setting in.

When our Front Cap was replaced Two Years ago One of the Clearance Lamps that was installed kept loosing its Lens. After replacing them Twice and still loosing another Lens the only other option was to replace the entire Lamp. Since our Step Ladder is too short to safely do the job I had to lay belly down on the front slope of the Roof to accomplish the task. Other then having to retrieve a Screw that I dropped things went quickly and I made certain that it was well sealed.
Since we’ll be hitting the road in another week and the Sun is at a Higher Angle in the sky I also lay the Solar Panels down, secured them for travelling and cleaned the slight bit of Dust that was on them off.
Back at Wildwood Golf and RV Park in McGregor, Ontario they have a number of Rules that we are obliged to follow in order to stay there. The One of interest states that “We will not have anything more then Six Feet above the Roof of our RV. Standing on the rear corner of the Trailer the top of the Wind Generator Feathers (Blades) came to my Eye Level and since I’m Six Foot One Inch that means that it is under Six Feet.
Since I hadn’t been drinking any water I took a break inside to cool down. Kathy had been doing more research for our trip back home as well as completing our Merry Thanksmas Banner that she started Two Years ago but due to Life getting in the way had misplaced it. Now she can relax.
Back outside I was checking out where I’ll install our Backup Camera on the Trailer when I noticed that the Front Tire on our Tandem Bicycle had split. Something else to go on the Repair List.
I heard Wayne asking me something from the Shaded Side of his Trailer so I went over for a quick chat but when Sue came out to join us I realized it was after 3:00. Saying I’d be back I headed Home and told Kathy they were sitting outside to cool down. I grabbed our Chairs and we had another interesting visit with them in the Shade. They are still packing and plan to be leaving next Wednesday. We were so involved in our conversation that we weren’t seeing what was happening all around us until the Wind really started picking up. The sky was full of Clouds and it looked like we were going to get a storm. We also noted it was past 5:00 so we all headed Home for supper.
We had a store bought Lasagna for supper. It was quick and easy but we’ve had better but this Microwave works differently the others we’ve had.
After the Dishes were cleaned we realized we had not been taking any Pictures today so I ran outside and started getting some Sunset Pictures. The Temperature that was by then in the Mid Seventies felt much cooler because of the Wind.
When Kathy came out to see the beautiful Sunset for herself our neighbour Ken came over to tease her if she was looking for her late night Visitor again. She admitted that it was probably the largest Snake that she had seen in the Wild. Ken will be leaving Monday morning and if he can plans to come back to this spot next Fall if it’s available.
Since the Microwave used a lot of Battery Power we are happy to say that our Wind Generator is at this moment busy recharging our Batteries. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Beautiful sunset pictures. Surprisingly, I haven't seen any rattlesnakes around here at all, this year or any other year. I think that's a good thing!!

  2. Now, that is really good to have the batteries charging without the sun shining.

  3. Gorgeous sunset pics!! Love a nice desert sunset for sure! Glad you are so happy with the wind generator :) Makes all that work worthwhile.

  4. You are always working on one project or another. I thought of you yesterday as we finally bypassed you up along route 72. Next year for certain.

  5. Good to hear the wind generator is working well for you. Snake!! Time to get out of Dodge and head for colder climes my friend! Apparently there are lots of snakes around Central Texas but thankfully we haven't spotted one yet......although I'm sure they've spotted me!

  6. I don't know what route you take to return to Ontario but if you come across country on I-20 to Birmingham, Al and take I-65 north 50 miles come stay on one of our RV sites to a visit. We are an easy 7.8 miles west of I-65. 50 amp full hook up. We love visitors! That's why we put the sites in.

  7. You are right Rick, health care is very expensive in the USA. It a good thing Kathy has you to do her foot treatments.

    I admire Kathy for wanting to identify that horrible snake, I had to close my eyes so as not to see it again. I have a morbid fear of them :(

  8. Busy day today. Sunset was gorgeous.