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Monday, March 11, 2019

Early To Rise, Slap In The Face and More Wet Weather.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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It was bound to happen sooner or later just when I thought that my sleep pattern was back on schedule I was awake staring at the ceiling before 6:00 this morning. I tried fighting it Physiologically telling myself to go back to sleep but by 7:00 my Back started telling me it was time to get moving.
I managed to see the Mountains before the Sun peaked above them and the glow brightened everything up. What was not happening was there were no Clouds and no Wind. As soon as the Sun made its appearance the Indicator Light on the Solar Panel Charge Controller Monitor started flashing that it was busy charging our Batteries. One balances out the other.
Around the time Kathy came downstairs I had managed to read most of the morning Blogs that we follow including getting caught up on a few that I had missed. Breakfast was lite and simple giving us more time back at the Computers relaxing with our Coffee/Tea trying to get the chill out. I was surprised when I first looked at The Weather Network to see that we were just a bit warmer then back in Essex, Ontario but the temperature in Moncton, New Brunswick was actually warmer than us. Feeling run down from the lack of sleep and seeing the Forecast for today I just didn’t feel like getting into anything outside.
By 11:00 the Clouds had covered the sky and with the north Wind it did not feel like the 59 F (15 C) that the Thermometer showed it was. Kathy decided that making Split Pea with Ham Soup along with Open Faced Thin Bagels with Provolone Cheese and Olives for lunch adding a Yogurt cup for dessert was a good meal. It was perfect for our activity level.

Last week we ordered a few things from Amazon on Thursday and were surprised to see one had been delivered by Friday afternoon. With our not arriving Home until after 4:00 Friday we had to wait until today to pick it up. We arrived at Quiet Times Greeting Card Shop shortly after 1:30 today and there was a slight line which was typical. Only One of the Ladies that operate this outlet was there because the other was getting stuff from the Quartzsite Post Office. I heard her telling another Customer that she might have to close down. ??? When it was my turn she showed me a letter delivered today from UPS stating that as of March 13th Quiet Times would no longer be capable to accept anything for shipping on behalf of UPS and they would have to remove and discard all such Signage and Advertisements. After Twenty Years of shipping through them they consider that a Slap in the Face. Kathy had waited in the Truck and when I told her that she couldn’t believe it.
Since we had behaved ourselves by not going to Dorothy and Toto’s Ice Cream Shop as much as we did last year we headed there this afternoon. When you buy any kind of Ice Cream Treat there they give you a Card and punch it. When you accumulate Ten Punches you can get a Free Cone of your choice. We both had our favourites today and only paid for One.
Raindrops in the Windows
On our return to La Posa South LTVA we kept getting some Water Droplets appearing on our Windshield. Since the Forecast called for Trace Amounts of Rain I figured that I could still accomplish something. We had barely gotten in the door when the Rain started coming down. It would come and go for the remainder of the day and is forecasted to end around Noon tomorrow. The desert will really be green by the time we head for Ontario.
Still Raining.
With things slowly warming up we should be enjoying more adventures for the last few weeks we will be here. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Seems UPS is doing some re organizations.My daughter had worked at a call center that tracked their packages they quit using the center and as of March 31 my daughter is out of a job after 17 yrs.

  2. Same old same old .... bad mail service, no matter who you ship it with. So will there be any UPS deliveries in Quartzsite at all???

  3. That is awful on the new shipping rules.

    I am amazed at how fast we get most of our packages from Amazon.

  4. Glad I read your post before I placed an order I was thinking of making with Amazon. That is just sad for Quite Times. Always enjoyed going in there to pick up a packages and look around.

  5. UPS not longer delivering might be that the culprit is Amazon packages. They do not make enough money from it. Guess its FedEx now.

  6. Sad when things like that change and after so many small businesses.

  7. This has definitely not been one of our better winters here in AZ. But next week is looking up. That really is too bad about Quiet Times. Small businesses really do have a struggle.

  8. Very odd winter indeed. Bet you ice cream treat was tasty.