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Thursday, March 7, 2019

Cowboy Nachos, Another Amazon Order and American Gangster.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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After sleeping with all the Windows and Roof Vents open for the last Four Nights was it any wonder that all that Fresh Air would cause us to Sleep In. It was nearly 7:45 when I started opening the downstairs Window Shades this morning. It didn’t take long to get things ready for breakfast so I had time to check out The Weather Network before Kathy got out of bed.
It was fun watching out the Window as Ken heading out for Yuma at 8:00 (He told me yesterday.) not because he was leaving but because of the weather. Even with a Cloud Cover it was bright enough that the Solar Charge Control Monitor was showing it was busy charging our Batteries. Looking at the Second Meter it was showing that it was busy charging our Batteries from the moderate Wind that was spinning our Generator on the Tower. There were no complaints coming from us when at 9:30 our Battery Capacity Meter showed we were already Fully Charged.

Since we both enjoyed a nice warm Shower last night to use some of the Fresh Water from our Tank I was outside shortly after 10:00 transferring the remainder of the Water from our Barrel to the Trailer. I re-evaluated the Propane Tank as still having over a Quarter Tank so that took away a needed stop for that today. Wayne came over to see if we’ll still be here next Friday because he has been having a problem with his New Awning that is covered under Warranty but they have an out of town appointment the day the Awning Repair People will be here. No Problem, what are Friends for besides he didn’t hesitate to help us when we were having problems with our Truck.
Shortly after 11:00 we were heading to Quartzsite for our lunch. Our destination was the Main Street Restaurant where on Thursdays they serve Cowboy Nachos. Due to the crowds it is not served the last Two Weeks in January because they would not be able to meet the demand. Michelle simply asked us if we wanted our usual then listed them. After getting our approval placed our orders. We didn’t even look at the Menus. It was delicious as usual leaving us satisfied but not stuffed. The fact that we left the Camera back at the Trailer today you'll just have to use your imagination to picture this wonderful dish.
After lunch we headed over to the Chevron gas station where we filled the Main Fuel Tank with Diesel. There was a delay when half the people at the pumps after filling up their vehicles started walking to another pump to socialize at without moving their vehicles up. Even the Truck Stops have Signs for you to pull ahead to let the next person get their Fuel. Kathy didn’t want me making a scene so we waited the Five Minutes for them to return before getting to the pump.
Back Home I set about ordering the last of our Amazon Purchases this year. Since the Meter we purchased earlier is not working the way I had hoped it would a different one was ordered to replace it. When we ordered the Wind Generator we had also ordered a 12 Volt Water Heater Element. Staying with the theme of not needing to be plugged in today we also ordered a 12 Volt Ceiling Fan to replace the 120 Volt Ceiling Fan that is already in our Trailer. By doing that it will run off of our Batteries while the Sun and Wind fill them for us.

It was only 1:30 when the Wind really picked up outside gusting to 24 MPH making it feel quite comfortable inside but not practical for working outside.
At 5:00 Kathy made us French Toast for supper. Again they were satisfying without leaving us stuffed. Ken arrived home around 6:00. (We look out for one another here.)
After getting more pictures of the Sun hiding behind Clouds for our Sunset we decided to watch a movie. As mentioned the other day we like movies based on true stories (Non Fiction) because they say that Truth is stranger then Fiction. This was a Walmart Clearance Special DVD for only $3.74. We watched was “American Gangster” with Denzel Washington and Russell Crowe. Two big name Stars that played their roles perfectly. Warning: Scenes of Nudity, Drug Use and Extreme Violence in this Movie. We thought it was excellent depicting the Drug Problems on the Sixties through the Seventies.
With more high Winds forecasted for tomorrow we’ll be finding something to do. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. It's even worse when those people at the fuel pumps go inside and don't come back out for 30 minutes. Makes me crazy!!!! LOL

  2. It is good to see those batteries loading up full that early in the day.


  3. Glad things are working in your favor! I've seen the cowboy nachos and they make me drool every week...haha. Dinner looks pretty darn good too!

  4. Happy your wind generator is working so well.