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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Thursday, March 14, 2019

Less Wind, Cowboy Nachos, Quick Disconnects and Visiting With Special People.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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I was tired enough last night that even without taking anything to make me sleep I slept until nearly 8:00 this morning. Kathy didn’t even remember going to bed last night but was up shortly after me.
We had a slight surprise when we opened our Window Shades this morning. Looking over at Wayne and Sue’s spot we noticed the Utility Trailer and the Truck were both gone. Earlier last week Wayne had mentioned they would probably be gone on Friday but since they had been packing things up all week if it was full it was time to pull it out. Next winter they plan on only bringing their Fifth Wheel back with them.
Cowboy Nachos.
With plans to have lunch out we kept breakfast extremely lite. Most would ask “Why bother eating then?” With Kathy’s Diabetes even a lite snack every few hours helps to balance out her Blood Sugar. We got most of our morning reading done on the Computers before heading out around 10:30.
We made a quick stop at the Trash Area where the Four Small Trash Bins were again overflowing like they did during the Government Shutdown but the Large Roll-Off Bin that was emptied yesterday was available. The LTVA has plans to create a Pit so they will have Two Large Roll-Off Bins available for the Trash eliminating the need for the Smaller Bins.
A sign that we had missed until today.
Our Quartzsite destination this morning was the Main Street Restaurant. Michelle had told us last week that today would be the last day they would be serving their Cowboy Nachos until this fall. When they make the fixings for this dish which is served at lunch only on Thursdays as soon as they are gone it comes off the menu for that day. We were there for 11:00 for lunch and were followed by others thinking the same way. It was delicious as always and left us satisfied without being stuffed.
 We drove over to the new K&B Tools building to see if they had gotten the RV Water Hose Quick Disconnects I had ordered. There was nothing on the shelves and when I asked explaining that Ken was going to get some they called him. Turns out the shipment got delivered to the K&B Tools Vendor’s Tent first before the rest got sent to the building and they were sold out at the Tent.
We drove over to Ken’s Discount Foods and browsed what he had in stock. We ended up buying a Half-Case of Soup at a very reasonable price that we’ll be able to use when our travels begin.
Notice how green the Desert is.
Still trying to find those RV Water Hose Quick Disconnects we stopped at Herb’s Hardware where I had seen them last week but because K&B Tools had said they would get them I didn’t buy the ones at Herb’s. As Kathy said “You snooze, you lose” because Herb’s was out of stock.
Heading down Arizona 95 when we got to Kuehn Street we went to see if by chance the K&B Tool tent might have the Disconnect that I was looking for. Kathy just browsed while I looked where it should have been but found nothing. As we were about to leave laying on a table where there were Lights for sale was a RV Water Hose Quick Disconnect that someone had probably just tossed aside.
Patches of Grass growing in the Desert from all the Rain this Winter.
We then headed over to RV Lifestyles where I picked up a couple of Lighted Rocker Switches. I don’t know why but the Lights keep burning out on these switches while other Switches that were Factory Installed and used more often are still working. You never know what you will see there as a Trade-In.
This morning we were happy that the High Winds that we had gotten the last couple of days had calmed a bit but they were still Bitey Cold around 20 MPH. After leaving the Vendors Area heading towards La Posa South with the Wind still being gusty we started wondering if some of our friends were still in the area. This is our Third Winter here in Quartzsite and we have heard of but never toured the Road Runner BLM camping area so that was where we headed.
"Can you hear me now?" Ham Radio Operator.
Finding it was quite easy and there are now very few RVs left there so we slowly cruised back along the paths. We had heard how there were so many Saguaros that you could fall in love with in this area and we saw first hand it was the truth. As we went further in Kathy was starting to doubt that anyone was still here but off in the distance I could see a lone RV with what looked like black Jeep parked nearby. It wasn’t until we were nearly next to it that we could see we had found the “Stinger B”.
With it still being Windy nobody was outside so Kathy had me blow the horn. A couple of Toots later and there was Tom and Deb waving out the front window. They’d had to bring in their Main Slide because of the Wind and had been researching their route back to Michigan. Though they don’t have to be back there as soon as we have to be back in Ontario they are also watching the Weather and planning multiple routes just in case. We had only planned on stopping in for a few minutes but we feel so comfortable talking to this wonderful couple it was nearly Two Hours before we said our “See you Laters”.
Getting back Home we found the Wind had blown one of our Camping Chairs that will no longer close over by our Firepit. It must be a sign but with the Wind continuing to blow tomorrow I doubt that we’ll be having a Campfire until Saturday.
While we were out Kathy had gotten a phone call from our dear friend Vera but since Kathy can’t get her Cell Phone out of her Purse before they hang up we tried to call her back. There was a short game of Phone Tag going on but we finally had the chance to talk with her. She can’t wait for us to get back to Windsor. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

Words of Inspiration

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William Butler Yeats, Irish Poet and Playwright


  1. Those Cowboy Nachos always look so good! Glad you got your last fix! How nice you got to visit with Tom and Deb! Great sunset pic!

  2. I have always parked near the CB-short wave radio group. Like me, they believe in having lots of room and it's very quiet.

  3. Nice that you finally found that hose disconnect part you wanted. Wish we had store like that to find things in. We need a new fantastic fan screen but it will have to wait until we get to Parker, AZ. That wind is blowing everywhere and we have sand flying.

  4. I had to Google quick hose disconnect so I could see what you were needing it for (I am a tent camper).

    Those cowboy nachos look good. Been seeing a recipe for them in Pinterest to make in your campfire pit.