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Saturday, March 2, 2019

More Meter Research, High Winds and Surprise Visitors.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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Why I was up before 7:00 this morning I had no idea. It surely wasn’t because of the bright Sunshine because we wouldn’t see that until well after lunch time. What I did see was a sky full of Clouds that had Ken’s Flags waving back and forth. Looking out the Rear Window that made me happy once again to see our Wind Generator spinning atop of our short Tower.
As soon as things were ready for breakfast I headed to my Computer. Not as many had written and some that did made their Blogs shorter than normal because it was a moving day for them. As soon as I had finished my morning reading I started doing some research.

That was when Kathy came downstairs to join me for breakfast. As we were eating the Wind started blowing harder which meant we were getting more power generated. The Battery Capacity Meter was slowly showing the Battery strength increasing. The Multi-Meter that was installed to monitor what the Wind Generator was producing was still not showing everything it should and that’s what the extra research was all about.
Entering the type of Meter and asking why it wasn’t showing Amperage or Wattage only sent you to more Sales for exactly what I already have. The only thing that I could do was to use these sites to see if there was a variance on how the Meter should be wired. I was actually able to find a couple of English Advertisements there actually showing a few different ways to do so but for a different reason than I want. According to those Wiring Diagrams both ways that I had already wired it should have worked.
The Wind Generator was actually turn quite fast
just look at the Wind Sock to see the Wind is blowing.
I was back outside around 11:00 removing things from the Basement so that I could try what Ron the Electrician had suggested. By using a Jumper Wire with Alligator Clips I tried to By-Pass the Blocking Diode but nothing changed.
Back inside Kathy was busy making lunch. When she edited the Blog last night she didn’t catch where I said we’d had the last of the Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup. Today we finished it off for lunch along with the last Egg Rolls in the freezer as well as the last of the Lemon Cream Pie. Our Fridge/Freezer is starting to have space but it all tasted wonderful and we know what is in it.
Just the American Flag was wavering the rest were steady.
We had just finished eating when Ken dropped by with a Wiring Diagram that he had drawn and it matched the one that I had copied. Since he had a spare Meter he went a retrieved it. We put it in place of our Meter achieving exactly the same affect. We even tried switching a couple of the Wires on the Meter itself but still the same. After replacing our Meter he headed back to his RV to do more research.
The Wind by that time was blowing 22 MPH with Gusts up to 34 MPH so I went outside to secure things I had removed from the Basement. I’d just stepped inside when I looked back out the door to see a couple by our Firepit looking towards the Trailer. When I said Hello they first appeared uncertain as what to say until I went outside and they introduced themselves.
They were Paul and Cathy who have been reading our Blog for sometime having found it by reading Travel With The Bayfield Bunch. They have been following how we’ve been doing with our Wind Generator and since they were on one of their daily hikes around the LTVA they thought they would take a look but not really thinking that we would actually meet. Cathy and Kathy spoke while I found out from Paul that he was an Electrical Engineer. He even suggested that I locate a couple of Non-Digital Meters because they never did lie. Soon they were on their way headed back to their RV. Thanks for stopping by and we are hoping to drop by for another visit.
Back to researching I came across the same Digital Meter that Marlene from the blog Marlene and Benno’s Odyssey on Land and Water had suggested I use. It is an In-Line Meter which will make it difficult to mount on the Wall and when I saw it on Amazon it was more than double the Price. When I looked today the Price had come down slightly but by going through E-bay it was only $10.00 which is less then what the vendors on Amazon were selling them for. They only have Two Wires in and Two Wires out and don’t require a Shunt making it less complicated to work with. The only Problem is it will be nearly Two Weeks before it arrives. We’ll see!
I’ve mentioned before how the sound of the High Winds bothers Kathy because of a couple of close encounters with Tornadoes. Even though our Wind Generator makes no noise from the Wind our Wind Sock does. After listening to that sound most of the day we decided a break was in order so we headed over to McDonald’s for supper. With the crowds thinning out we hardly waited for our meals to be ready.
The Clouds had really thinned out but that doesn’t mean there is no Wind. By the time we got back Home the Wind seemed to slow down a bit but with the Meters showing our Batteries at 100% Full we were happy. We’ve got plans to meet up with some Good Friends tomorrow so we’ll let you know how that goes. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I know you guys like a challenge ... and it seems your meter is going to be one of them. I'm sure you'll figure it out.

  2. Nice to meet blog followers! Hopefully they come by for a visit again. Beautiful ending to a nice day. Nice that temps are warming up!