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Many of you can relate to Working long hours at your career. Raising your families. Buying a home and paying all the bills related to being homeowners and parents. We're now retired and don't need all that work and expense. Now "It's about time" and what we do to follow our dreams.

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Tuesday, March 26, 2019

Closing Up, Unexpected Exploring, Fun Visit, Tasty Meals and Packing To Travel.

Our Location today is at the La Posa South, LTVA, Quartzsite, Arizona.

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After having Two Campfire Nights in a row really took its toll on the both of us. All that shared friendship and laughter that helped all of us to relax then add a heavy dose of Fresh Air coming through the open Windows had us both sleeping like a couple of rocks.
This RV has been here on and off all season.
Kathy and I were up only minutes apart after 8:00 this morning and we didn’t waste much time having breakfast before starting our morning chores. We both checked out our On-Line Messages along with the News and Weather. Our Friend Ken travelled 300 Miles yesterday and stopped at Texas Canyon Arizona. Since the clock is ticking and there is a lot to do before we leave I was outside before 10:00 with Kathy not far behind.
Since there was not an ounce of a breeze it was time to put away our Wind Generator. Within minutes I had unfastened the Guide Cables and climbed to the Roof. After removing the Wind Generator from the Tower I balanced it on the Roof as I loosened the Socket Head Bolts and started removing the Feathers. Using a Rope I lowered the Generator itself down so Kathy could guide it safely to the ground. Gathering all the Feathers together they were also lowered in the same fashion.
It looks bare now.
Unlike the day we raised the Tower in One Piece today I removed the Head and lowered it just as we’ll have to do back in McGregor as it will be just the Two of us working on it. Within a couple minutes our Windsock was down and I was dismantling the rest of the Tower as I headed down the Ladder.

With that part done Kathy headed inside to do some cooking. We had gotten a Rotisserie Chicken at Smart and Final the other day that she had stretched into many of our meals. Today she finished cleaning the Meat off the Bones that she used to boil and make Stock.
I was busy packing the Generator, Guide Cables and the Metal Stakes into the Toolbox that we purchased for it’s safe-keeping. When I went to store the Feathers into another Storage Container we had for them they wouldn’t fit. The Feathers had been measure repeatedly for just the right sized Container but the Dimensions listed on the Label are the Size of the Lid and the Container tappers to the bottom with bossing taking up interior space. Guess we’ll be finding another Container.
When Kathy called me in for lunch it was already quite warm in the Kitchen. She had forgotten to open the Roof Vent to let the heat out. Our Chicken Sandwiches were tasty so along with the Yogurt Cups and Oranges we had for dessert we were satisfied.
We headed over to the Firepit that Kathy had cleaned all the Nails from yesterday that had been left behind from people that burned Skids but failed to clean up after themselves. The Box was lighter then it appeared but Twenty Pounds of Rusty Nails is still a lot.
Having trash of our own along with that Box we drove to the Trash Bins to get rid of them. The Four Small Bins and the Large Roll-Off Bin were all Overflowing. The Contract listed at the Office stated those Bins will be emptied Three Times A Week. We are lucky to see the Disposal Company in once every Two Weeks.
Someone said the Bins across the Highway were empty so that’s where we headed so we would be putting this in a Bin. These were located deep in the LTVA and were just as Overflowing as the Ones in La Posa South. We had no choice but to add to the growing pile already on the ground.
Wayne and Sue's Trailer looking bare as they pack.
Instead of following the same paths we came in on we chose to drive on a well graded path along the back of the LTVA. We were seeing all kinds of Wildflowers blooming along with lots of green foliage but we didn’t plan on Exploring today and had left the Camera back Home. After following this path for quite a distance we came to a Stop Sign that indicated we had been travelling on Old Yuma Road.
We head back towards Highway 95 on a recently paved road that was rougher than the Graded Road we had just left. We passed the entrance to Roadrunner BLM before heading back to La Posa South. That was quite the adventure.
It was passed 2:00 when we got Home and the inside of the Trailer was 89 F (31.5 C) so we decided to sit in the shade to cool off. Wayne came over to take a break from his packing since they are leaving in the morning. Around 3:00 Sue and the Puppies came over to enjoy the cool breeze. They discussed their route back to Washington State along with what they want to do when they finally get there. It was past 4:30 when they headed home.
Since I had suggested to Kathy that I grill something for supper she gave me the last Store Bought Thin Crust Pizza we had in the Freezer. I started the Weber with the Pizza Stone on it on High Heat. Once I had the Pizza on the Grill I Put a few more things away while it cooked. In Twenty-Five Minutes it was completely cooked just the way we like it.
It was still hot inside the Trailer when we finished our supper so Kathy went back outside to sit in the cool shade. I just couldn’t relax and soon had the Fresh Water and Waste Barrels fastened down on the Bicycle Carrier on the rear of the Trailer. Then I started covering them with our Blue Plastic Tarp but the Wind suddenly picked up so Kathy came over until it was fastened down. She knew that I still had to install our Cargo Net so after I had it untangled she helped me to put it over our load. The Sun was setting as I finished making certain that everything on our Bicycle Carrier was well secured.
Kathy caught me laying around fastening our Barrels.
Tracking our last Amazon Purchase it still seems to be on a Slow Boat crossing the Pacific. A nice Hot Shower felt refreshing tonight. We experienced Three Tremors that shook the Trailer this evening but when Kathy looked for Local Earthquakes On-Line the only place she could find was over Six Hundred Miles away in California. Not sure we would feel it this far away. Ken has now made it safely to El Paso Texas. Boy he’s not wasting any time. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Safe travels. At least the weather has improved!!

  2. You're certainly getting things done! I sure get why Kathy was outside 89 inside would be way too hot for me. Lovely sunset and dinner looks simple but delicious!

  3. Always sad to pack up but you have new adventures awaiting you. 85F Is my max high inside, then I need a large fan running or the AC.

  4. Looks like you two are getting ready to head out soon. Safe travels.

  5. Getting ready to leave always made me sad. Even though my place stayed in the mountains for the winter and most things stayed there it was still a lot of work to get things closed up. But you and Kathy seem to be getting it done together quite nicely.

  6. I'm with JO every time I break camp it makes me sad. I never knew it was so much trouble to pack up when you have an RV but I see that it is.

    Get a good night's rest and we will see you down the road.