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Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Young Man, Surprised and Warming Up.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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The temperature was very comfortable going to work this morning. It wasn’t even cool enough to wear my Windbreaker. As usual I’ve been able to slowly get ready for the start of the shift opening Windows in the Compound getting my Coveralls on and even having a few sips of my Coffee before getting started.

Starting my Morning Walk Around even the Paint Line Workers are used to my routine and just hand me the Carriers that need my attention instead of my having to search for them. Sometimes they get dropped off at the Compound and returned later or like this morning in less then Five Minutes the Three Carriers were being put to use on the Line.

With the inspection complete and no other problems to take care of I started the final sub-assembly of the Carrier’s Lower Tier. By 9:00 I was already starting to gather the last pieces that would be used for Bracing. When it was time for my first break there were Two New Carriers completely assembled.

I had just finished the Seventh New Carrier when Paul the Owner came in. I’ve noticed that with the Supervisor away he seems more relaxed. He also has a Nickname that he’s been calling me by at least a dozen times. He addresses me as “Young Man”. He knows I’m younger then he is but I work harder then many half my age from the Line. He seemed in a chatty mood telling me of his long term plans to rebuild or replace the Loading Docks that I recently had to repair just to make them last.

When I pointed out that all Twenty of the Carriers he requested would be ready by the end of the day he seemed surprise. Then he recovered by bringing me out to show me an Electric Junction Box I’d have to weld to the Washer tomorrow. He also mentioned a repair to the Paint Line Conveyor that I’d have to check out.

Talking to Kathy while on my lunch she had opened the Balcony Door only to feel the Humidity and immediately closing it. I was sitting outside at a Picnic Table in the Shade and found it very comfortable.

After returning to the Compound and the Carriers it suddenly became eerily quiet on the plant floor. Looking out there were only Two Forklifts moving stock around and everyone else was gone. When it was time to leave the Drivers told me that there was no Production again this Friday. That I’m aware of I’ll still be working of course that will also become the clean up day.

It felt good to relax after getting home. Even though I registered all our Phones on the “Do Not CallGovernment Site the Con-Artists are still calling trying to say owe money. Our accountant gets us great returns and yet Canada Revenue sent us an additional refund due to Coronavirus. They E-Commerce direct to our account and send notification of it by Mail.

For supper we had Chicken Breast that we chopped and added to our Caesars Salads then topped it off with Strawberries and Cool Whip for dessert.

On our 6 o’clock Local News they reported 11 New Coronavirus Cases bringing the Active Cases to 48 for the Windsor/Essex Region all of which appear to be 3 Variants of Concern.

Our temperature today only felt like 86 F (30 C) but will slowly warm up as the weekend approaches.

I managed to apply on Three Job Ads and read most of Blogs posted today.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. I've been lax in reading everyone posts for some reason so had to go back and see why you didn't mention Kharen today. :) Enjoy the reprieve, it sounds like Paul appreciates good work and workers.

  2. Strawberries and cool whip, one of my favorites! Sounds like a good but busy day for you!