It's about time.

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Tuesday, August 17, 2021

Not My Fault and Getting Rid Of More Stuff.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Just walking out the door this morning it was easy to know the type of day it would turn out to be. By the time I had walked to the Truck there was already sweat rolling down my back.

When I walked into the plant it appeared that someone else had been around the Pump outside the Maintenance Compound and had removed the Discharge Tube. When the Paint-Line started I did my usual walk around and was surprised to not find any Carriers in need of repair.

After Paul the Owner and I determined the Pump would work for the New Spray Stations it was time to start putting things back together. It was at this point I noted the Fitting on the end of the Discharge Tube had been distorted by heat probably using a Torch. Because I had suggested applying moderate heat yesterday Paul believed I had gone against his orders and did it anyway. It wasn’t until I would get home later that I realized how I can show him it was done a long time ago. If I had used the Torch on the Rusty Cast Iron Pump Housing the Rust wound have popped off and left a discolourization on the Casting. All that would disappear with time as the Pump would be submerged. I managed to rework another fitting to make it all work.

When I spoke to Kathy during my lunch she had just returned from working at our Climate Controlled Storage Unit and had dropped a load of STUFF at the Goodwill Center on her way home. She was only there to eat her lunch and planned on going out before the Scheduled Fire Alarm Testing. It is so load and lasts so long nobody wants to stay home.

When it came to putting the Four Inch Plastic Fittings together that was a bigger problem. The New Fittings were not the same Diameter as the Plastic Pipe. I would spend the rest of the day shaving the end of the Pipes to make them fit and still not complete the task.

Remember how I had clean Coveralls yesterday. They are now dirtier then they were before I washed them on the weekend.

Back at the Apartment it was nice to sit down for a bit. There was a cool breeze coming through the open Balcony Door and Bedroom Window. It gave me the chance to look for more jobs.

For supper we had a Store Bought Medium Thin Crust Hawaiian Pizza. That size Pizza is more then enough to feed the both of us. It leaves us Satisfied not Stuffed.

The 6 o’clock Local News reported 44 New Coronavirus Cases and 287 Active Cases in the Windsor/Essex Region as part of the Fourth Wave. They also said that our area was 69.9% Vaccinated and that Number should improve through the weekend.

The Weather Network showed that our Humidex felt like 95 F (35 C) which will climb higher throughout the week before finally going down next week.

Checking my Voice Mail I have to schedule an Interview with a possible new employer.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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