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Monday, August 30, 2021

Verbal Aside Promotion and Cooling Down.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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Even though I’ve been carrying what Tools I had left in and out of the Plant every day since the Break-In today was the first day some were in a Toolbox. Once inside the Maintenance Compound I had time to move the rest of them from my Gym Bag to the Box with the rest of them.

Before the Line started the first thing I did was grease the Drive-Motor and clean up the grease that it was spitting out. As I mentioned before they don’t need that dripping on Parts that are about to be painted. Before heading back with the Grease-Gun I relocated a couple of Ladders that would have interfered with the Line. (Who put them there is the Question.)

The rest of the Walk Around was non-eventful only finding the usual concerns until I got to the Powder Coating Booth Room. (You don’t go in there without a Respirator when that is running.) The Operator was getting things set up but noticed the Doors were not sealing properly causing Powder to spray out.

The Pliers I had in my pocket weren’t enough to fix it so a quick walk back to the Compound for more Tools such as Hammer and Pry-Bar. When you carry Tools in a Plant it seems people notice including the Owner. Ten Minutes later when the Operator gave me a Thumbs Up for straightening the problem I wasn’t surprised to see Paul watching through the Window. I got a pat on the shoulder for fixing it that fast.

Other then a couple of Carriers needing to be straightened I created the Flanges and Caps needed on the Manifolds. I think Paul was coming to see me but when he saw me using the Big Metal Shear just went the other way.

One thing that was noticeable by everyone was the absence of Kharen the Supervisor who was supposed to have returned to work today. Everyone was smiling and passing along little jokes. The Electrical Contractor who won’t enter the Plant when Kharen is present was in adding some much needed lighting. Another day of Peace and Quiet.

After I spoke to Kathy during my lunch I saw Paul moving Racks around the Paint-Line. On Saturday he had promised to deal with the Missing Parts from the Supplier this morning. Waving him over when I asked about it was told he forgot.

He then waved me to follow him to the Office where he immediately called his Contact. The Contact said the List had been filled but Paul said the person that made it disagreed with him. When asked who I was Paul responded I was his “Maintenance Man”. (I must have been promoted from a “Welder/Fabricator” without knowing it.) I finished assembling what I could on the Manifolds until the end of the shift.

Needing to run another errand I was surprised at the Construction Zones that had suddenly appeared just today. Stopping at Motor City Community Credit Union it took nearly Fifteen Minutes before they were able to Unfreeze our account. Bills are paid, we make our Purchases plus I deposit my Cheque weekly but they put a Freeze on it. Seriously!

Another quick stop at Canadian Tire and I was soon heading home.

Even though The Weather Network showed we had a much cooler day with a Humidex of only 91 F (33 C) the only time I remembered sweating today was during my Morning Walk Around up on the Mezzanine where all the heat from the Ovens seems to go. Even so it felt good to be in the Air Conditioned Apartment.

Kathy grilled some Chicken before chopping it onto a Garden Salad. We also had the Leftover Lemon Meringue Pie for dessert.

Our 6 o’clock Local News today reported 68 New Coronavirus Cases bring the Active Cases to 518 to the Windsor/Essex Region. The Local Health Unit stated that all the New Cases we’ve had over the last week were from people not Vaccinated and many are passing it to their children who are too young to get their shots. They stressed that if we ever want to get back to the Normal we enjoyed before this started get Vaccinated.

Tomorrow is another day and even though we are presently not travelling every day is an adventure.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Congrats on the promotion :) Wonder if a pay raise comes with that LOL...