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Tuesday, August 10, 2021

Getting Things Done, Hearing More About Kharen and Still Hot.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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When I walked into the plant this morning it was so deserted that it appeared that there would be no work on the Line today. Strangely by the time I’d had a few sips of my Coffee and put my Coveralls on all you could hear was the roar of the Forklifts bringing the stock in from Shipping and Receiving.

After considering the location of the Large Compressor that we moved last Friday when I found a Bottle Jack buried in the Compound yesterday I knew that it needed to be moved just a bit further. When you move air the sharper the bends the more difficult. It’s like driving on a highway and climbing a hill compared to coming to a wall and having to climb over. After completing my Morning Walk Around I collected a few Tools along with the Jack and was able to move the Compressor as far as I did on Friday in less then half the time. Now I’m certain they’ll be happy with the location.

I checked the Paint-Line to find no Carriers needing my special touch. I returned to the Compound where I managed to finish attaching the last of the Aluminium Panels to the Steel Frames. The last few Pop-Rivets the gun started acting up. I still needed to do more drilling because once the Panels are raised above the Powder Coating Booth they’ll have to be linked together as well as to the Booth itself.

An Outside Electrical Firm was brought in to run Conduit and Wires to the Junction Box that I mounted last Friday. Around noon as they were going for lunch they stopped in to inform me that Paul said I would tack the Brackets in place once they were done. It was at that point the senior Electrician mentioned that the only reason His Company was there was because Paul the Owner had guaranteed them that Kharen our Supervisor would not be in the plant. He then started telling me of some of the Tirades that he was subject to from Kharen. Apparently there is a Black List of companies in our region that Contractors avoid and the reason why. Our Company is at the top of that list and the main reason is Kharen wanting them to do things that were Unsafe.

Paul came in just before my lunch was about to start. He was impressed that I had found his stash of Bolts to fasten the Panels. He then told me about tacking the Brackets for the Electricians but he also wanted me to check something. He wanted to know if I could build a small access Ladder and permanently mount it to the Washer. Presently the Line Workers are using a Stepladder but it gets in the way. After a quick look around we found one that could easily be modified to do the job.

That delayed the start of my lunch until 1:10 but it was actually a good thing. When I called Kathy at the Apartment she was just walking in the door. She had spent the morning at our Climate Controlled Storage Unit and accomplished quite a bit even dropping things off at the Goodwill on the way home. She was in awe when I mentioned what the Electrician had told me about Kharen.

I spent the rest of the afternoon modifying the Ladder and could possibly mount it tomorrow or this weekend whenever I won’t be interfering with production.

It felt good to cool down once I got home. There were no Job Ads for me to apply for today but I found comparing our temperatures with that of Quartzsite, Arizona surprising. Even later into the evening we still led the way.

We kept supper lite by having a Store Bought Thin Crust Spinach Pizza.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they reported 21 New Coronavirus Cases for the Windsor/Essex Region bringing our Active Cases to 145 with 46 being Variants of Concern.

The Weather Network showed that our temperatures felt like 108 F (42 C) this evening and adjusted the time to Three More Days of these high temperatures. Relief will arrive on the weekend.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. If that fellow is such a problem, why does the company keep him on? That black list must cost them business! It seems like the shop is ticking a lot more efficiently with him out of the way.

  2. Karen read my mind. Kharen should be told to take a permanent 'vacation'.