It's about time.

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Monday, August 9, 2021

Keeping Things Going, Another Leak and Another Hot One.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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It seems a lot more workers are feeling relaxed while our Supervisor Kharen is away on vacation. Since I greet everyone on the Paint-Line whenever I do my Morning Walk Around they have started waving to me first.

Seeing Paul the Owner after my inspection I mentioned that when he left early on Friday that he had forgotten to give me my Pay-Cheque. He apologized and immediately brought it out to me. He also let me know that there was a Loading Dock in need of repair.

I checked the Dock out first before loading Tools and Material on to the Large MIG Welder. I then pushed it out to the Shipping and Receiving. With the Safety Bar locked in place it took longer then expected as more Cracks are developing through all the structure. They were surprised that it only took an Hour to have it back in service. The reason these Docks are not holding up is because they are meant to hold only Half the weight they are carrying.

Once the Tools were put away in the Compound because I had nothing pressing I returned to the Line to check for any Carriers in need of repair. The Line Leader seeing me checking just gave me a Thumbs Up.

Back at the Compound I started working on the Panels for the Powder Coating Booth Modification. All kinds of things have interfered with its completion so as long as nothing else was happening I could work at it. Another reason for doing that was I could work in line with a Fan that was blowing cooler air through the shop.

Paul came in probably to give me another job but when he saw me working just headed off. Minutes later the Line Leader brought in one of our larger Carriers that needed a quick repair. Of course I straightened all the bent Clips before returning it to the floor. That’s when I spotted another of the larger Carriers that had a broken Tier that someone had left on my Workbench nearly Two Weeks ago.

When I talked to Kathy at 1:00 the Wind was actually making me feel cooler at the Picnic Table but the Clouds were starting to fill the sky. Kathy mentioned Storm Warnings being issued for our area. She also made it to Walmart earlier this morning where she was able to walk the aisles to get her exercise in. A few things did follow her home.

Back in the Compound I was just about to continue another Panel when it felt like I was being sprayed by water. Looking towards the Windows the Heavy Rain was being sucked in by the Fan so I had to quickly shut the Windows.

Paul came around with a Sketch of a future modification to the Parts Washer he wants me to make. Before I could check it out there was a loud clap of Thunder not far away and the Power went out for about Ten Seconds. Not a problem for me but he had to scramble to get the Line back up and running.

The Rain was so intense that one of the Storm Drains from the Roof was pouring water over that section of the plant. Other then that the Roof that was just repaired was keeping us dry.

At the Apartment Kathy had been busy cleaning and had supper cooking in the Crock-Pot so that gave me the chance to have a refreshing Shower before we ate. We had a slice of Roast Beef, half a Potato and we shared an Acorn Squash. One of the things that followed Kathy home from Walmart was a German Chocolate Cake that we enjoyed a slice of for dessert. The Sign in the store read “The Cook Made Too Many” and the price was half the cost of others.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they reported Coronavirus Numbers for the Windsor/Essex Region that covered the Last Three Days rather then breaking it down.

The Weather Network showed that our temperatures felt like 102 F (39 C) this afternoon with Three More Days of these temperatures.

I applied for Four Jobs this evening. Kathy wants to try to make it to our Climate Controlled Storage Unit tomorrow even though it’s supposed to be another scorcher.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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