It's about time.

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Wednesday, August 11, 2021

What’s Happening and Good Timing.

 Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.

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My intention once I got back to the Compound this morning was to complete the Access Ladder that Paul the Owner had asked me to build. However as my Morning Walk Around made its way to the Mezzanine I was surprised to see Paul and a Line Worker trying activate the other Compressor that was up there.

When I approached Paul asked where the Frames were that we used to lift the newest Compressor with. When I showed him he said he wanted them “Downstairs Now”. That was unlike him but he’s the Boss. The Line Worker helped me lay them on their sides before heading off. It took me nearly an Hour to move both those Three Hundred Pound Frames to where they could be lowered.

Paul noticed me clamping the Frames together and signalled me down to the Line. He wanted me to continue working on the Ladder instead. I told him that had been my plan until he insisted I move those Frames by saying “Now”. He again apologized not realizing he had said that.

I sub-assembled the Ladder and Platform in the Compound before bringing it to its permanent location again just for the sake of fitting. Paul then wants a Big Heavy Plate under the Rails. I had him wait while I got the Angle Iron Clips that I intended to use. I explained about using Heavy Plate when setting up a Support or Machine Base but not to stop a Ladder from moving. He agreed but he did want Handrails on each side for Safety.

Even though the Paint-Line was working behind me I was still able to drill the holes in the Cement that would hold the base of the Ladder in place. I was nearly finished when the Line stopped and the Workers were scrambling to take Parts off one Carrier. That Carrier was looking more like a Pretzel so I had to stop what I was doing to straighten it up in the Compound. As usual the Workers could not believe it was the same Carrier they had just pulled from the Line.

With the Heat building inside the Building I did as much work inside the Compound where I had a Fan blowing cooler air my way. When Ivan a Forklift Driver walked by I jokingly said “I get my Ninety Days on Sunday so I’ll probably get canned on Friday the 13th”. Ivan responded that Paul likes me and my work so I won’t be going anywhere.

Even though the temperature was building there was a pleasantly cool breeze at the Picnic Table outside. Kathy had made a run to the grocery store and had a hard time dealing with the heat between the Car and the store as well as our building.

As soon as I had the Ladder with the Handrails attached I returned to the Line. After clamping it in place I brought the Big Welding Machine over. Barely getting any weld between the Ladder and the Guard it was being attached to Parts were suddenly coming out of the Washer passing within Inches so I had to stop welding. I could not even move the Welding Machine because the Line was filled with Parts laden Carriers.

Installing the Anchor Bolts to fasten the base of the Ladder to the floor I looked up to see Paul watching me work. Seeing the time I made a Sign telling the readers “Do Not Use Yet”. I explained to Paul about not wanting sparks to hit the Products. He just said I could finish it in the morning before the Line fills up. Once the installation is complete I have to put my Painters Hat on and hand paint it for Safety.

Getting wet really fast.

By having my last break right before the end of the shift helps me to clean up and be out the door on time. As I was leaving the Parking Lot the sky to the Southwest was really starting to fill with Clouds. Once I was parked at our building I could smell the Rain in the air. By the time I got in the Apartment Kathy was standing looking at the Rain pouring down outside our Balcony Door. Good thing I wasn’t delayed.

Kathy insisted I immediately take a shower. Afterwords she served us Chicken she had gotten today along with a Garden Salad for supper then topped it off with a Pecan Tart and Yogurt Cup for dessert.

On the 6 o’clock Local News they reported an Eighty Year Old was the latest to Die from the Coronavirus in the Windsor/Essex Region as well as 21 New Cases. It also brought our Active Cases to 157 with 43 being Variants of Concern.

The Weather Network showed that our temperatures felt like 108 F (42 C) just before the Rain went through cooling things down. The storm was strong enough to cause a Power Outage in the town of LaSalle. We have Two More Days before the temperatures return to more Seasonal.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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