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Monday, May 6, 2019

Appointments That Made More Appointments, Busy Day and Great Meal.

Our Location today is at Wildwood Golf and RV Park, McGregor, Ontario.

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Whenever Kathy has to do any kind of Blood Work she normally has to fast from the night before so that was what we did last night. That’s right if she has to fast I will not eat until she does and then we’ll have breakfast together.
We were on our way to the new Lab that she went to last Fall by 9:00 this morning. That meant we didn’t have any School Buses to deal with. The Weather was cool heading to warm with a forecast of Severe Thunder Storms later in the afternoon.

We arrived at the Dougall Avenue location in Windsor before 9:30 to find the parking lot being replaced one section at a time so we had to park nearly a Thousand Feet away. When we walked in the place was packed and we stood in line for Fifteen Minutes just to register. That’s when we were told the wait was an Hour and a Half. We had fasted that long so we said we’d stay.

That did cause a problem because we had an 11:15 appointment with our Optometrist and we’d be late. I called to let them know and they simply said to come in when we were done.
There was a monitor mounted in the waiting room that displayed First Names with Last Initials and the expected time they be called. They must have gotten more people to draw Blood because things started speeding up. Kathy was called in at 11:10 a Half Hour sooner then originally calculated.

Since we were parked by a Burger King outlet our breakfast became Two Junior Whoppers and Two Small Sodas. Kathy ate hers while I drove to our appointment.

She went in while I parked and gulped down my Burger. By the time I went inside David was just finishing with Kathy and it was my turn. We were on our way by noon with new Computer Glasses ordered for myself.
Now we had to head to the new Medical Imaging building we had been referred to by our Doctor. There was a problem, all the X-rays, Ultra Sounds and Mammograms could not be completed today. We keep all our appointments in a Day Planner and on a Calendar at Home. On days like this it comes in handy for scheduling these appointments. They could do the X-rays today but earliest the rest could be done was the same day we were supposed to see the Doctor. We took that appointment day and would just reschedule our Doctor because he’ll need these Test Results to know where to go from there.
After the X-rays were taken we headed over to Guardian Storage to check for Mail.
Finding it empty we headed across town to our Doctor’s Office. The receptionist had just gotten back from lunch and when I explained about changing the appointment so the Doctor would have all the results they agreed.
We then headed for our Pharmacy in Amherstburg. Even with all the Clouds in the sky with all the Blooms and Greens changing the appearance of the landscape it was a pleasant drive.
Notice how straight the Flags are.
When we arrived at Pharma Choice we were given another slap. They were still waiting for the Doctor’s Office to okay the Prescriptions. If I’d known that I could have said something while we were there. I gave them my Cell Phone Number to call if they were suddenly ready for pickup and we were going to walk around Walmart.
Looking down our Street ten minutes after we arrived.
We looked at a lot of things but only ended up getting a few more Food Stocks. We were nearly at the Check-Out when we got the call from the Pharmacy that the Medications were ready for Pick-Up.
It was after 5:00 by the time we got Home and we were getting hungry. While Kathy cooked a Potato for us to share and some Peas I was busy warming a Half Rack of Precooked Back Ribs on the Weber. I had just finished with doing that when Kathy was ready to plate our meals. As we ate the Forecasted Rain finally came down for a while. Kathy had also made one of our favourite desserts Pineapple Covered Cottage Cheese.
After eating I was about to start doing up our Doucettes now that we had all the Medications when I realized that I’d forgotten to get a few Vitamin supplies that we were short of. We were soon headed out the door for the nearest Pharmacy which was in Essex.

After arriving at the Shoppers Drug Mart in Essex it didn’t take long to find everything we needed. We both took the time to check our Blood Pressures while there. We could tell we’d had more then our normal salt intake for the last couple of days.

Back Home while Kathy cleaned up the Kitchen I spent the next Few Hours filling our Doucettes for the next Forty-Five Days. We didn’t get the Severe Thunder Storms that had been forecasted. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. Some days it's like the wheels are spinning but your just aren't getting anywhere. But at least you did manage to get some things done.

  2. "That’s right if she has to fast I will not eat until she does and then we’ll have breakfast together."

    I am somewhat of a new reader to your blog and already an admirer of the beautiful relationship between Kathy and you...but this just elevated it to a new level. I would be so lucky to find a man half as wonderful as you!

  3. Sounds like a messed up day but at least some things got taken care of.
    How long does Kathy have to fast for? When we do blood work it is only 8 hours which is easy. We don't usually eat after 7 pm anyway. Hope all results turn out great!

  4. Boy, you two were going around and around in circles this day.
    But you did get things finished up.

  5. I'm glad all those storms missed you. GREAT looking dinner!

  6. Another busy day for you two! I don't know how you go back out running around after dinner...We are done then! Wow I couldn't believe the wait time for her blood work! We do that too, waiting to eat together. :) Nice to get things taken care of for sure!

  7. Now that was a long and full day. Too bad about the delays you had to deal with.