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Saturday, March 16, 2013

So Busy! So Tired!

Our Location today is Mims, Florida.

It was a typical travel day for Kathy and I yesterday as neither of us slept very well the night before which is usual for us; but we slept like rocks last night. Even though we don’t dwell on our moving somehow our bodies won’t let us relax enough to sleep which makes the drive very tiring.
I even managed to sleep in until nearly 7:30 followed shortly by Kathy getting up. We made plans for exploring the campground to see where the laundry room is and then to check out the local flea market and grocery store.  Before we could start any of that we started hearing a strange sound almost like a rooster crowing.  We have been to Florida a few times but we are still learning about the different birds and this morning was no exception.
Sandhill Cranes.
It's not often we have a palm tree in our front yard.
Since we are maybe fifty feet from what I call a pond here was a couple of birds making a sound that you would have sworn they were on top of our trailer. I wasn’t the only one out with the camera taking pictures of these Sandhill Cranes. The locals told us we should be here during mating season.
This would be an interesting coffee table.
Setting the GPS it started sending us down the road in one direction only to recalculate and have us turn around. Within twenty minutes we arrived at the Mims Flea market held every Friday through Sunday. There was hardly anyone there. We walked around looking at all the things that we didn’t need until it was nearly 1:00 before deciding to have lunch.
We stopped at the Camelot Restaurant directly in front of the flea market. This was a quaint little place that had lots to offer on the menu but we had both noticed the salad bar that was set up as we came in. It didn’t have the selection that Sweet Tomatoes had to offer but you could still make yourself a very decent salad plus they had a good vegetable beef soup and chili. That helped fill us up but we didn’t feel stuffed and it was very satisfying for just over ten dollars. Very good price.
Those are actually glass plates and glasses.
Returning to the flea market I did find a few things that I have needed for some time and were priced far cheaper than I would pay back home. Now we set our sights on the grocery store and entered the information in the GPS only to drive right past the campground and ten miles back down the highway.
Me loading up the groceries.
By the time we had lightened our wallet at the Publix Grocery store it took us longer to put it all away when we got back to the trailer. Luckily Kathy had started cooking supper before we left this morning in the Crock Pot so it was nice to have a hot meal ready for supper time.
Kathy finishing supper.
Kathy and I would like to welcome Tammy Fletcher from the blog “It’s Good To Be Us” as a new follower to our post. She has been writing for a while in preparation of going Fulltime with her husband starting April 2013 in their new Avalanche fifth wheel. We also wish them the best of luck and hope to be reading about their upcoming adventures.  
An interesting rig at the Flea Market
We have no idea what tomorrow holds in store for us so stay tuned. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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