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Monday, March 25, 2013

Cooking, Cemetery, Flea Market, RV Parks, and Groceries. Whew!!!

Our Location today is Bushnell, Florida.

When we woke up this morning the windows of the trailer were fogged up and a chill was in the air. Little did we know how much this day would change how we felt about life. Yes we did the usual morning blog reading and made plans to do afternoon exploring. We even worked together to precook a few meals as well as a delicious Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup we started enjoying for an early lunch.
Saturday while we attended the Fish Fry another of the parks residents had suggested a few places that we would appreciate seeing. With a little extra research Kathy definitely agreed with a few of the recommendations.
After lunch we traveled the less than ten miles up the road to the Florida National Cemetery. As you first enter the 512.9 acre cemetery it felt odd to see a Guard House before reaching the main office. Within seconds of going by the office you stopped in disbelief at the rows and rows of identically shaped grave markers that cover the entire area void of trees. Thinking that was it you would turn a corner to repeat this sense of awe over and over again.
None of these pictures are from the same area and there are many more.
Suddenly you are drawn back to reality by the sound of a 21 gun salute off in another section of the cemetery and the site of funeral processions coming and going like clock work. Getting out for a closer inspection you find that not all who are buried here had met their fates on the battlefield but were proud to have served their country in conflicts around the world.
The Florida National Cemetery is the second largest military cemetery in the U.S.A., with over a quarter million military laid to rest at this time. The largest military cemetery is Arlington Cemetery in Virginia with nearly four-hundred thousand. There are plans for expansion in Florida as there is an average of thirty or more burials that take place here each day. What an awe inspiring visit we had.
If you look close you will see the watch towers and razor wire.
After leaving the cemetery we traveled another five miles down the road and came across the Sumter Correctional Institution. This is a Medium Security Federal institution where the inmates are trained and educated to become useful members in society.
Kathy and I checking out the community room at Sumter Oaks RV Park.
Turning around and heading back up the road past our camp we saw the Sumter Oaks RV Park. This is an Escapees RV Park and seemed to be well laid out with lots of room on most of the sites that could accommodate larger sized rigs. Since this is our first year Snowbirding we are looking at different parks to see where we might want to stay in the future.
 I had noted a sign indicating the town of Webster was just 9 miles from our camp so we thought that we’d check it out. After traveling at least double the distance the sign indicated we finally arrived to a state of chaotic traffic. That’s when Kathy remembered reading that they have a Flea Market every Monday and guess what today was?
We found ourselves a parking spot and headed in to find that many of the vendors were already closing up shop with nearly two hours left to the end of their day. Kathy kept saying it wasn’t that big but I kept pointing out more buildings that were filled with vendors that we didn’t go to. Finally when we reached the end of the building we were in, there was a fence indicating a road. Across the road there were even bigger buildings than what we had just scanned through. If any of you readers are familiar with the size of the Flea Market at Shipshewana, Indiana well this has to be at least four times that size. Leaving the market without any fleas today was good but we’ll return next Monday to look it over more slowly just in case we find something we can’t live without.
The park has a neighbor with a donkey who had visitors for supper tonight.
We used the GPS to find our way down the back roads to Walmart in Bushnell. Along the way we found Blueberry Hill RV Park so we just drove through taking a quick look around. This is a park that looks new but has been around for about ten years was very neat and well laid out with cement pads that can accommodate big rigs but all their trees are very young so there is little shade. Kathy had tried making reservations at this park last year for us and it was booked solid. It’s not far from the highway and their driveway gives you easy access to the Walmart parking lot.
Kathy cooking supper.
There are more adventures to come. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Seeing all those cemetery plots is sure alot difference in person isn't it?? We have been to Shipshewana many times. I love flea markets so would have enjoyed being there today. Your soup looks delicious.

  2. That's quite a busy day! We stayed at another campground in Bushnell back in December - I think it was Paradise Oaks. It is on 301, just north of the road that Walmart is on.

  3. Sorry, I have NO desire for any kind of office! Been there and done that. Fulltime motorhoming is just our speed.

  4. A busy day driving around and exploring, love checking out fleamarkets too.