It's about time.

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Saturday, March 30, 2013

Rubbing It The Right Way

Our Location today is Bushnell, Florida.

The other day I wrote about the park having it’s last musical jam of the winter season. Well this morning they had their last Saturday morning breakfast for the winter season. Since Kathy and I missed it last week (we slept in) so we made a point that we’d attend this week. There was only one problem! We had to get out of bed before 8:00 in order to attend. We never set the alarm but somehow we were awake by 7:30 were dressed and at the clubhouse by 8:00. It was a good thing because suddenly there was a line-up out the door as breakfast was only being served until 9:00.
It cost $3.00 for your choice of Pancakes or French toast with Bacon or Sausage with two eggs made to order and Biscuits with or without Gravy on it. You also got Orange Juice and Coffee plus the chance to visit with all the other park residents in attendance. In last night’s post I mentioned how friendly everyone was in the park and it’s that sense of caring that Kathy said would bring her back to this park.
Back at the trailer the outdoor temperature had risen to 45F (7C) so we read through the morning blogs before Kathy went back into her research mode. I headed outside to put things away in the basement. The weather forecast for this week is showing the possibility of showers for the later part of the week. Since that is when we’ll be leaving it makes more sense to put things away while they’re dry. By lunch time when I came in the temperature was 64F (18C) and warming. Now this is the weather we came to Florida to experience.
Lunch was Soup, Bagel with cream cheese and a Strawberry French Pastry.
When we arrived here in January we had road grim and salt residue from the trip getting here. We also managed to collect quite a bit of pollen and tree sap on the trailer and truck since our arrival. There were a couple of parks that allowed you to wash your trailer but something just got in the way and stopped me from doing it.
Well this afternoon Kathy went and sat in the shade of the trees across from our site while I scrubbed the dirt off the trailer. I had to lift our vent covers to clean the vent lids that had changed their color to a dull grey. The top of our slide covers were a color most people wouldn’t try to describe. By the time I finished working up on the roof the water in the pail needed to be emptied.
Four hours later the temperature was 77F (25C) Kathy had finished reading her book and our trailer was once again a bright white instead of a dingy grey. In the ten minutes it took us to make supper we were both feeling so tired because we normally sleep until nearly 8:00 in the mornings but it was worth it today.
Supper was Talapia, green beans and Spinach and buttered noodles.
Kathy and I would like to welcome David as new blog follower to our site. Unfortunately David doesn’t have any blogger information we read or can pass along on a shout out but if his profile ever changes we’ll be certain to pass it along.

We’d also like wish everyone and their families a Happy Easter for tomorrow. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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