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Thursday, March 14, 2013

Life is a Parade and a Visit by the Beach.

Our Location today is Largo, Florida.

Since we already had plans for today we had not paid too much attention to the social calendar given to us when we checked in to this park. So you can well imagine the shock we felt this morning when we started seeing a strange bunch of characters gathering across the pond by our neighbor’s trailer.
There were witches, mermaids, Dorothy and the Scarecrow, princes and princesses, Tinkerbell, Daniel Boone even a few three wheeled floats. Today was the Yankee Travelers 2013 Park, Parade and Picnic and it was barely 50F (10C) outside with a cold north wind blowing.
The King and Queen of the Parade.
I finished my coffee and headed out to document this event so people reading the blog wouldn’t be thinking I’d gotten into the Kick-a-poo-joy-juice already this morning. While I listened to some of the other park residents talking on the sidelines saying that it was far better last year when the temperature had been closer to the 80F (26C) in the morning that day. If the weather had been warmer there would have been more entries this year.
Sleeping Beauty with Prince Charming followed by the evil queen with her poisoned apples.
Cinderella followed by her Fairy Godmother and her Stepsisters and Mother.
The theme this year was Disney Fictional Characters and the attendees of the picnic would vote on whose character was most accurately depicted. It was cute seeing senior citizens so merrily doing what would normally only be done by children. Of course the experts say as we age we all go through our second childhood. 
Little Mermaid followed by the Evil Sea Witches.
Neptune and the Little Mermaid
After lunch we were headed out to visit with our daughter Karen and her family at the resort they were staying at in St. Petersburg on the gulf coast. It was a short half hour drive but the problem was there wasn’t enough parking for guests so I had to drop Kathy off and Karen followed me to a nearby grocery store parking lot. Once she had parked her car in her assigned spot we went upstairs for a quick tour of their rooms.
Greg at the Grill
Tyler in the pool
Kylla on the beach with a friend.
Greg was busy downstairs at the resort’s community barbecue cooking their lunch. Tyler was playing with new found friends in one pool while Kylla was walking with friends on the beach. They are all slowly recovering from the severe sunburns they received at the beach on Monday and actually had a chance to do some exploring of their own yesterday.
The sunburn on Greg's face has gone from blisters to pealing with some that are open and should be covered
Cold White Capped Waves hitting shore from the Gulf.
Yes that is the white sand beaches of the Gulf of Mexico behind Kathy and I.
Karen and Greg trying their hands at shuffle board with Tyler watching.
We sat outside at a common patio area and visited for nearly three hours. The cool wind we had felt in the morning was amplified by the wind bringing white capped waves to open shores. By the time we left both Kathy and I felt nearly frozen. The sun was warm but the wind was very cool.
Tyler saying his goodbyes to Grandma.
I wanted to do some prep work tonight for tomorrow’s departure when we got back to the trailer so we decided to stop at a restaurant for a quick supper first. We asked them if the had the AC running because we were cold inside. When they said it was off we thought that they were just stringing us a line until we walked out the door where it was colder outside.
After topping off the fuel tank at a Race Trac gas station for $3.989 a gallon we head home. It only took me fifteen minutes to do my outside prep work but another forty-five minutes of talking to everyone going by asking questions. With tomorrow being a travel day we are sure to find some new adventures to have. Thanks for following along and feel free to leave a comment. Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Aways nice to spend some time with family at the beach. Too bad its cold there.

  2. That parade looked like a lot of fun, and that mermaid was downright scary! LOL

    Karen and Steve
    The USA Is Our Big Backyard

  3. We have an Avalanche too. But I guess you already know that if you have been reading the blog :)
    Thanks for joining and I hope to get to know you all better in the months ahead. Great post!