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Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Fine Tuning, Seeing The Symptoms and Cleaning Up.

 Our Location today is Windsor, Ontario.

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Checking in with Mile this morning I was happy to learn that he barely touched the Hot Feedscrew I was welding yesterday, so he had no Burns.

Due to the amount of material that I was adding to that Feedscrew yesterday, it became hard to see where more was needed. There were a few more spots to do this morning. The problem started when the Sanders would try to sand out imperfections rather then having them touched up. The end results were Flights that no longer followed the lead they were supposed to, as well as being thinned out. The Flights should have been uniform in thickness and even flowing, not abruptly changing course.

The next Touch-Up was exactly that. Adding to the Tips of the Flights on the final Zone took all of Five Minutes.

After changing out the Argon Cylinder on the TIG Welder I had some free time on my hands. I used it to go clean up around the PTA. The more I use the machine, the more things I notice as Symptoms of a problem. On Saturday as we were finishing the Build-Up of Henry’s Oops, I had noticed having a problem adding to the last layer. Yesterday I found the Powder Bin was Empty and the Fault Notification had not come on.

There was a larger amount of Powder in the area most of the welding had taken place. At first, I thought that it was simply because the repeated target area was within a Four Inch space. Being doubtful I went to clean the Torch this morning and found the Orifice had a plugged feed hole. This was a New Orifice on Saturday morning, yet it had failed. Alec had warned me about using High Amperage and Powder Flow, that would lead to a plugged Orifice. Unfortunately, both were needed on that job. After disassembly it, I was able to open the hole up with the use of a Tip Cleaner.

After lunch Vic the Final Inspector was checking, wrapping then crating Four Identical Screws. I was able to help with the Packaging of the Units and move them closer to the Shipping Door while he continued with the next Feedscrew.

Notice the Wind Speed.

When I left the Plant for the day, I was surprised to see the Sun shining the Outside Temperature Gauge on the Truck dash reading 11 C (52 F). I started noticing a lot of the White Stuff had disappeared.

It felt good to be walking into the Apartment by 4:00. That allowed me to have a Shower before we headed out by 5:00.

Our destination was Fantastic Sam’s to get our Haircuts. The last time was just before Christmas, so we were due. Julia did a great job of cleaning us up and we had some laughs at things that she has been dealing with at home.

It was past 6:30 when we left, and we were hungry. All the Fast Foods were on one side of the street, while the Hi-Ho Restaurant was on our side. We enjoyed a Fish and Chip Meal in a relaxed setting.

It was nearly 8:00 when we finally got home, but there was no relaxing. Kathy got my lunch ready while I got my work clothes out for the morning.

We'll see what tomorrow brings.

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Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.


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  1. Sounds like a pretty good day all around. And 52 isn't bad at all. ha.