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Wednesday, March 18, 2020

Seniors Only Shopping, Snapping, Fantastic Sam’s and Wonderful Meals.

Our Location today is at Windsor, Ontario.
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We were quite surprised that even after we set the Alarm last night we both slept like a couple of rocks. Normally when using the Alarm we spend the night tossing and turning. We were up by 6:00 this morning and at first Kathy could not remember why. When I reminded her she was almost ready before I was. Breakfast was a Banana.

We were the first to arrive at the Zehr’s grocery store at 6:40. With the store’s advertising that they would open from 7:00 until 8:00 in the morning for “Seniors Only” as a way of keeping us safe from the Coronavirus we thought we would take advantage of that. By 7:00 when the doors opened there were close to Fifty Cars in the parking lot.

As soon as we walked in we could see empty counters that had once held Produce. We went to get bread products and had to find them on the reduced cart because there was nothing on the shelves. The shelves in Paper Products Aisle were empty but there was a single skid of Toilet Paper. Even though we have a few rolls Kathy grabbed a single package just in case. We had to hunt low for a few Canned Vegetables. The Soup shelves were the same as we saw them earlier this week nearly empty. There were easily a Hundred Seniors in the store when we left but the shelves were Slightly Bare to Empty. On the way back to the Apartment we figured that the shelves are always full for the weekend so we’ll try again on Friday.

I loaded everything into a Shopping Cart that Kathy brought upstairs while I parked the Car. By the time I reached the Apartment she had all our purchases put away. Since there were many more Carts downstairs and we would be going out later I left the Cart inside our Apartment for the time being.
We finally had our Coffee/Tea at the Computers at 7:45 while watching the Sun brighten the sky behind a heavy Cloud Cover. By 9:00 Kathy started having a few Snaps to make up for the early wake up call. I just kept reading all the E-Mails, Weather, Local News and Blogs we follow.

The Canadian Snowbirds that are still in the US at this time seem to think that they suddenly need to rush to get back to the cold north of the border because of the way the Media is saying that the Borders will be closed. The Canadian Border Services will never stop Canadians from returning home just as the US Border will never be closed to its citizens. As long as they avoid Crowds, practice washing their Hands and remain in the wide open spaces they should be Safe.
We had Vegetable Soup for lunch with a Clementine Orange, a couple of Cookies and a Yogurt Cup for dessert.
We returned to the Computers until it was time to leave at 4:00. This time we brought the Shopping Cart downstairs. The sky seemed to be getting darker and by the time we parked at Fantastic Sam’s there were droplets showing on our Windshield. Since our normal Hairstylist Jenna is off on maternity leave this was only the second time that Julia was doing our hair. After a few comments on what we wanted different she had our hair looking the way we wanted in no time. Our next appointment will be on Kathy’s Birthday.
It was barely 5:00 when we were heading out to the Car but the Rain was coming down hard so we headed back to the Apartment. I dropped Kathy at the front door before going to park the Car. By the time I got upstairs Kathy was already starting to make supper. She made Spanish Rice as a side to the Pacific Salmon that she was cooking. It all tasted wonderful and we have more Spanish Rice for another meal.

We watched the 6 o’clock Local News along with a few other programs before I started to write the Blog. Definitely hope to get to bed early tonight. Thank you for following along and feel free to leave a comment.
Be Safe and Enjoy!

It’s about time.

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  1. I am sorry to hear that the store you visited this morning had bare shelves. You would think that they would re-stock overnight in order to give seniors a reason to brave the early morning hours and perhaps in your area cool temperatures.

    I do not know if in this area they have senior day but in Houston, Texas where they do all the stores are fully stocked in the mornings.

  2. Hopefully you have better luck on Friday!

  3. (big sigh) I'm hoping this passes quickly, but I'm afraid that's not going to happen. It's going to take a couple of months for the stores to get their supplies back up to par. I heard some panic about the border closing, but know Canadians can return home any time. Too bad instead of this bringing people together, it's having the opposite effect.

  4. Hope the senior time works out for you. Too bad most things are gone. The only store in Ajo limits purchases to one item per person. Seems to be working as the shelves are full. Have a nice day 😊

  5. I'm sorry about your grocery store situation. I'm surprised my local Raley's is doing a good job on keeping up. The Canadians returning personal feeling is their families are worried about them. Sometimes you just do things to make others feel better. I planned to go to Target today but I won't. Every time I leave the house I get lectured by my daughters and younger friends. They are just concerned....

  6. As for our personal reasons for going, not rushing, home is nothing to do with the borders. We've always known they won't close them to us. It was when the State of Emergency came in effect and after 4 calls from home, that we decided to stop dawdling.
    Good luck with your shopping, it is the same everywhere and people just need to get what they need.

  7. Due to Leonard's heart and lung disease, he is going no where. His son and our daughter in law live about 20 miles from us. They volunteered to pick up what we need tomorrow. What a surprise, they did it today. We really don't need much. I checked our chest freezer and there is enough meats for at least 31 dinners. Plus some veggies, frozen fruit and desserts. We are set. As with you, it's good to have family near by!

  8. I am surprised that your hair salon is still open. Some Canadians are rushing home because their extra travel medical insurance has been cancelled by a certain date. Ours is fine. We just wanted to get into the US before the Mexico border was closed which is now has been. Last night Canadians were not allowed thru after 10PM but today they are being allowed into the USA. So glad that we are in the US and have no fear that Cnada will let us in on Thursday.

    I really hope that this comment goes through. It seems that the Blogger comment situation may have been sorted out.